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How are you affected by COV-19?
It’s business as usual for us.

For other shipping methods there will be a delay once your order has been shipped. Check the AusPost and DHL site for service updates for tracked shipping but expect a few days extra for DHL and possibly 1-3 weeks for AusPost.

What currency are your prices in?
They are in US dollars.

How does the order process work?
Once the order is placed, we usually check it over within 24 hours to ensure that there aren’t any issues or if we require additional information. Within a few days, if the products are required to be built and if we have the parts, we build the items in the order. Larger orders will take a longer time. If we don’t have the parts, we’ll order them in and if we can’t meet the 1-2 week estimate, we’ll let you know. After that we usually have 1 or 2 days a week to post items out but that depends on how many orders there are.

What do the order status mean?
Processing – We have received your order and the products will be built if required
On Hold – If you receive it right after you order, there may be a discrepancy which we will resolve. If you receive this notification after a few days, we may require more information for you by email. Please contact us if your order is still “On hold” after a few days otherwise after a week or so it will be cancelled.
Awaiting Shipment – Your order been built/picked and is ready to be shipped which can be a few days.
Completed – Your order has been shipped. You should have received a notification with the tracking link by email.

I need to make a modification to my order
Please reply to your order notification email

I would like to add another product to my order
If your order hasn’t shipped (check your email), you can please another order and reply to either of the order notifications to let us know. For most countries there is an “Add to existing order” shipping option. Ordering another product will delay your order though.

I haven’t received my order, is there order tracking?
For AusPost tracked, it’s usually 2-4 weeks (some cases 5 weeks) or DHL it’s 5-7 working days. The time starts once you receive your tracking number or order completed email.

I haven’t received any order notification emails
– Please check your junk mail and that the email address you entered is correct.
– Please check that the payment went through.
– Check that we haven’t asked you any questions in regards to your order/shipping – if this is the case and you haven’t replied back, your order will be cancelled and you’ll be refunded after 1-2 weeks.

Why do products take a while before they ship and why are some products on back order?
Most items in the shop are build to order. It allows us to offer all sorts of products without the risk of bulk ordering and not being able to sell many of them. Some products simply can’t be produced by a PCB assembly fab in low quantities. A good amount of the time orders will ship before the back order time estimate.

Can you build me a custom flash cart?
We have a listing for bulk Gameboy flash carts with different ROM/RAM options, 25 pcs minimum. We can included your logo or design on the PCB. It’s best to contact us via Discord so we can discuss something quickly.

Contact Us

Make sure you check the Manual/FAQs for the product you are interested in, it’s on the product page as a tab on the left hand side (you have to scroll down a little bit).

If you have a question or issue, you can contact us Twitter or join our Discord server where other users can also help you.

For any order related enquiries, you can reply to your order notification.