Misc GB Mods Showcase

Here’s a collection of our mods that aren’t products (yet or may never be) but are interesting.

RGB Battery Indicator for the GBA – Uses a custom board, flex board for the LED and very thin wire to hook it up

Our own GBC 101 – Just testing it out, a little glitchy but hoping to make one that uses a GBM LCD

sGBA – Custom PCB with the GBA CPU, RAM, etc with a GBM LCD inside a SNES controller

GBA Auto Fire Mod – Hold down a button and it presses and releases it for you

GBA Macro – Record button presses and play them back

Hot swapping batteries – With a LiPo and chip inside we can hot swap batteries while the GBA is kept running

Wireless GBA TX with Rumble – We can mod the wireless GBA TX cart to support rumble coming from the Gamecube

LiPo Battery Gauge – We can monitor the LiPo battery in a GBA on 10 LEDs in a clear shell to give a better indication of battery life

AdvanceLCD v1 – We made a standalone GBA unit and our own LCD controller for this project with features that include wireless control, stereo speakers, LCD brightness and volume control, VGA out and a 10Ah LiPo battery which could potentially make it last for 24 hours of play time!

Custom GBA PCB – We harvested the GBA AGB chip, memory and crystal on our own PCB as a test to see if it works.

Custom RGB Border – By intercepting the GBA LCD signal we were able to make our own custom colour borders for GB games

Playing around with the GBA LCD – Just playing aroudn with the LCD signals to see what effects we can achieve.

Wireless Gameboy Link – With some nRF24s and making a little demo game, we can send packets using the link port.

32KB Flashy Cart – An experiment to see how the LEDs would flicker depending on the game run.