Choosing a Flash Cart

For Gameboy games

The majority of Gameboy games utilise a Memory Bank Controller (MBC) so it’s important to select a cart that supports that specific MBC. For games that have a save functionality, it’s usually 8KB or 32KB.

MBC5 – Most of the later released games so they should work with almost all of our flash carts. Our 2MB, 32KB FRAM cart is a good choice.
MBC3 – Mostly used for Pokemon games, they will should work with almost all of our flash carts however we recommend our 4MB MBC3 with RTC flash cart.
MBC1 – For older games. If the ROM size is under 1MB and the save size is 8KB or less, the only cart that works would be the 1MB ROM, 128KB SRAM ULP cart.
No MBC – For games that are 32KB or less, they will work on any of our flash carts

Determining a Gameboy game’s MBC, ROM/RAM size

If you have a game you wish to see what the MBC type is, ROM size and RAM size, please download the BGB emulator and run the ROM there. Press the escape key and scroll until you see the information below. For example, the game is Pokemon Crystal which uses MBC3, has a ROM size of 2MByte and RAM size of 32KByte.

You can also test if a game will work on a different MBC with this method:

For GB Studio

The minimum ROM size that GB Studio produces is 512KB so any of our Gameboy flash carts that are 512KB or higher will work. If your game contains saves functionality, then one of our flash carts with SRAM or FRAM will be required.


LSDJ can utilise either 32KB or 128KB of save but 128KB is preferred as it allows you to have multiple songs. This is why almost all flash carts for LSDJ have 128KB of save.

GB 1MB ROM, 128KB SRAM ULP Flash Cart
– Our most basic flash cart to get you running with LSDJ. Comes pre-flashed with LSDJ stable or you can provide the ROM file to write
– Includes a CR2025 coin cell battery to retain saves
– If you wish to backup/restore saves or re-flash the ROM afterwards, you will need a flasher such as GBxCart RW.
– If you want to purchase multiple carts for LSDJ use only, this might be the lowest priced option along with a flasher. The flasher can also be used to backup/restore saves on regular cartridges or re-flash other cartridges.

We also have a GB in GBA cart available in case you wish to use LSDJ without the cartridge sticking out – only for the GBA and GBA SP and the battery is small so it might only last 2-3 years.

GB 2MB ROM, 128KB SRAM ULP Flash Cart
As above however this can support LittleFM to backup or restore your LSDJ project (all your songs) to the unused 1MB part of the ROM flash chip. Useful if you have lots of songs or want to backup your songs for good measure.

GB 4MB ROM, 128KB FRAM Flash Cart
As above but this cart uses FRAM to retain the saves, no coin cell battery is required, gives you piece of mind.

GB LinkNLoad32 USB Flash Cart (4MB ROM, 128KB FRAM)
As above and as a plus this cart has the flasher side built-in so you can re-flash the cart or backup/restore saves anywhere you are as long as you have a USB cable and a PC. Likely the best option if you just want a single LSDJ cart.

Use cases

  • I would like to have only 1 flash cart dedicated for LSDJ and backup/restore saves on the fly – Select the LinkNLoad32 cart
  • I would like to have a cart for LSDJ but also play other ROMs on it – Choose any cart but a 4MB cart is preferred as it can play most games and add a flasher
  • I would like multiple LSDJ carts for the lowest cost – Choose the 1MB cart with a flasher
  • I would like multiple LSDJ carts but don’t want to worry about any possibility of losing saves because of the battery – Choose the 4MB FRAM cart with a flasher
  • I would like to get started with LSDJ – Choose the 1MB cart

For Gameboy Advance games

Gameboy Advance games have different save types (SRAM/FRAM, EEPROM, 512Kbit/1Mbit Flash) so in order to select the right cart, you need to know which game you will play. Each cart we list has some of the games we have tested that save.

For Pokemon games or hacks, we recommend our GBA 32MB, 1Mbit Flash Save with RTC flash cart.

You will need to go through the games listing here to find out which save type your game is or check your game using GBATA or use the GBA save type spreadsheet.

Determining SRAM/FRAM/Flash save types would have to be done using both methods. Firstly check what GBATA reports and then check how large the save file is when opening it up in VBA. You can also check what save type your rom uses here but it’s best to verify the rom for yourself.

Open the rom file with GBATA and look at the “Header Viewer” section. As an example, the above rom file is an EEPROM save type.

Gba ta 1.PNG

GBA saves explained

FRAM can be used for SRAM 256Kbit games saves. There was only 1 prototype game that used 512Kbit of SRAM. You can also patch EEPROM games to use SRAM which will also work on the FRAM cart.

You can’t patch the Pokemon games (1Mbit flash save) to use SRAM because that will require 1Mbit of SRAM so that won’t work on the 256Kbit FRAM cart.

There are some games that use 512Kbit flash saves, once again, you can’t do the SRAM patch to them as it won’t fit on our FRAM cart. We have a dedicated 512Kbit flash save cart for that. It won’t work on the 1Mbit flash save cart because games check for the flash ID and if it’s different, it won’t save.

256Kbit FRAM Save Cart
– Can be used with 256Kbit SRAM saves
– Supports EEPROM saves after you patch using GBATA

512Kbit Flash Save Cart
– Only works with 512Kbit flash saves

1Mbit Flash Save Cart
– Only works with 1Mbit flash saves

4Kbit/64Kbit EEPROM Save Cart
– Only works with 4Kbit/64Kbit EEPROM saves