DMG Battery Gauge

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With this device you can you can monitor your Gameboy DMG’s LiPo battery or rechargeable AA batteries with LEDs! It’s positioned just below the screen and the LEDs aren’t very bright so they shouldn’t distract you. Consumes less than 2mA.

Soldering is required. You need to supply your own wire.

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LiPo – Voltage when LEDs turn on
LED1 – 3.15v
LED2 – 3.3v
LED3 – 3.4v
LED4 – 3.5v
LED5 – 3.6v
LED6 – 3.75v
LED7 – 3.9v
LED8 – 4v

Rechargeable AA (1.2v) – Voltage when LEDs turn on
LED1 – 3.9v
LED2 – 4.0v
LED3 – 4.1v
LED4 – 4.2v
LED5 – 4.5v
LED6 – 4.6v
LED7 – 4.7v
LED8 – 4.8v

Installation (v1.1)

Take care as you will be placing it on the LCD ribbon cable.

Rechargable AAs / Non-fixed output LiPo

Fixed output LiPo packs

Installation (v1.0)

Connect 5V to the cartridge header pin 1 (red cable)
Connect GND to the battery negative terminal (blue cable)
Connect BATT to battery positive terminal (white cable)

Have the 3 wires go through the middle hole where the capacitor is and use blu-tack or double sided tape on the capacitor/hole to hold it in place. Take care as you will be placing it on the LCD ribbon cable.

Additional information

Weight 2 g
Battery to monitor

LiPo, Rechargable AA (1.2V)


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