GBxCart RW (Gameboy/GBC/GBA Cart Reader, Writer & Flasher)

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GBxCart RW ( – A device for GB, GBC and GBA carts so you can backup your game ROMs, backup/restore save games and write ROMs to supported Flash carts (e.g our GB carts or our GBA carts or some of the Ebay/Aliexpress clone/repro carts).

All GBxCart Pros come with a generic reproduction clear GBA cartridge shell for you to place it inside (trimming required for the USB connector) – only available if you purchase directly from us. Over 5000 units sold! At least a few hundred hours have been spent on firmware and software updates. Designed and made in Australia.

Retro Game Repair Shop (USA based), ZedLabz (UK based), Retro Modding (Canada based) and Mod in France stock this product.

Latest News: Feb 2024 – FlashGBX v3.37 released

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FlashGBX for Windows
FlashGBX for Linux/Mac
(made by Lesserkuma)

For Windows, make sure you install the CH340/CH341 driver.

GBxCart is only sold on our shop, Tindie and also at Retro Game Repair Shop (USA), ZedLabz (UK/EU), Retro Modding (Canada) and ModInFrance (France). Any other sources are not authorised sellers.

GBxCart v1.4 is now available! Slightly faster, change cartridge powered state using a button or software control (no need to unplug USB when changing carts) and RGB LEDs for mode/status.

The “Pro” version allows you to use GBA reproduction cart shell to encase GBxCart into, a bit of trimming/filing is required for the USB connector.

Questions? Jump on our Discord server where we and other users can help..

If you are backing up any old cartridges, please ensure that the contacts are clean.

If you can, please use a test cartridge when receiving the unit to ensure the operation is correct. Always check your save file is working correctly in an emulator like BGB or mGBA before proceeding with restoring another file or another cartridge.

You’ll just need a USB-C data cable, the USB-C connector only has the USB 2.0 lines attached.

Each unit is assembled in house.

Check out the user submitted 3D printed cases available on Thingiverse (some are for older PCB versions).

• Backup games ROM to your PC
• Backup save games to your PC
• Restore save games from your PC
• Write ROMs to supported Flash carts
• Supports Gameboy, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Advance cartridges with auto ROM size detection
• Supports SRAM/Flash/EEPROM for Gameboy Advance cartridges with auto-save type detection
• GUI or console interfacing programs

Other Features
• Backup GB Camera (active images or all images) to BMP with a one click program called GB Camera Saver
• Option in the GUI to allow for automatic appending of the current day/time to your save file when you perform a backup of your save
• GB Sachen ROM mapper reading support
• Support for MBC6, MBC7, MMM01, M161, TAMA5, DACS and GBA Video (some require a new board revision) using FlashGBX, thanks to Lesserkuma

Gameboy Flash Carts/Chips supported
Check out for the latest support, you can help populate flash carts to the Wiki too! You can’t overwrite an original Gameboy cartridge.

If you are looking to purchase a GB flash cart, most of the clone carts should work except for a couple of multi-cart ones. We make our own flash carts too, check out our shop. While clone carts are supported, we can’t guarantee that clone carts will work as some may have slight differences in their assembly.

• insideGadgets – All GB Flash Carts
• Catskull / DIY 32K (AM29F010B, SST39SF010A, AT49F040) [Audio or WR as WE pin] – 32KByte
• SST39SF040 – 512KByte
• ES29LV160 (0883_DRV PCB) – 1MByte
• Catskull / BV5 / M29W160EB / ES29LV160FT – 2MByte
• AM29LV160DB / 29LV160CTTC / 29LV160BTTC / 29LV160TE / S29GL032 – 2MByte
• AM29F016B – 2MByte
• M29W640 / 29DL32BF / GL032A10BAIR4 – 4MByte
• 256M29 / M29W256 / MX29GL256 – 32MByte (4x 8MB Banks)
• Nintendo 1MB Power Cart
• GB Smart 16M – 2MByte
• GB Smart 32M – 4MByte
• BUNG Doctor GB Card 64M

(this list hasn’t been updated in some time, check for the latest support or insert the cartridge into FlashGBX and let it auto detect)

Gameboy Advance Flash Carts supported
Prefer using a GUI? Check out the new dedicated GUI Flasher program.
Check out for the latest support, you can help populate flash carts to the Wiki too! You can’t overwrite an original GBA cartridge.

If you are looking to purchase a GBA flash cart, we make our own GBA 32MB flash carts with different save types such as 1Mbit flash (no RTC) which works with all the Pokemon games, an 512Kbit flash, an 4K/64K EEPROM save and a 256KB FRAM save. While clone carts are supported, we can’t guarantee that clone carts will work as some may have slight differences in their assembly.

• insideGadgets – All GBA Flash Carts
• MX29LV320 – 4MByte
• MSP55LV128 – 16MByte
• MSP55LV128M / 29GL128EHMC / 29LV128DTMC / MX29GL128ELT / M29W128 / S29GL128 – 16MByte
• M36L0R706 – 16MByte
• GE28F128W30 – 16MByte
• 256L30B – 32MByte
• 256M29EWH – 32MByte
• M29W256 – 32MByte
• 4455LLZBQ0 – 32MByte
• 4000L0YBQ0 – 32MByte
• GBA 32 MByte (Flash2Advance 256M)
• GBA 16 MByte (Nintendo AGB Cartridge 128M Flash S, E201850)
Carts that don’t work are any chips labelled with “6600” or “4050M”.

(this list hasn’t been updated in some time, check for the latest support or insert the cartridge into FlashGBX and let it auto detect)

Please note: If your game saves to an EEPROM or Flash then it won’t work on any of these clone flash carts unless you patch it to use SRAM using GBATA for example. If the cart you have doesn’t have a spot for a battery, then you will need to patch that game to save back to the flash but there are no programs to do this for you. Pokemon games use a 1Mbit save and most clone carts only have 256Kbit or 512Kbit of SRAM so saving may not work properly. Check what save type your game uses here or Read more about these issues here.

GBxCart RW Speeds (for Windows, latest firmware)

Additional information

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 54 × 57 × 9 cm

GBxCart RW v1.4 Pro (USB-C) – Blue, GBxCart RW v1.4 Pro (USB-C) – Pink, GBxCart RW v1.4 Pro (USB-C) – Black, GBxCart RW v1.4 Pro (USB-C) – Red, GBxCart RW v1.4 Pro (USB-C) – Green, GBxCart RW v1.4 Pro (USB-C) – Purple, GBxCart RW v1.4 Pro (USB-C) – Yellow, GBxCart RW v1.4 Pro (USB-C) – White, GBxCart RW v1.4 Pro (USB-C) – Grey, GBxCart RW v1.4 Pro (USB-C) – Transparent (AD)

Optional cable

None, USB-A to USB-C cable (Black)

Quick How to Use / Troubleshooting

For Windows (old software – recommend using FlashGBX)

1. Download and Install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages (x86 and x64) for Visual Studio 2015 –

2. Extract the software zip file (found in Downloads) and plug in GBxCart RW. Windows will look for the CH340G driver. If the device isn’t automatically detected, you will need to open up Device manager, find the “USB 2.0 Serial” device and update the driver using the files in the Drivers folder.

3. Open up the GUI from Interface_ProgramsGBxCart_RW_vx.x_GUI_InterfaceGBxCart_RW_vx.x.exe. You can move this folder anywhere you like.

4. Unplug GBxCart RW

5. For v1.3 boards: You select the correct voltage via the software – the GB or GBA selection box in the GUI
For v1.2 boards: Select the correct voltage for your cartridge using the switch (GB/GBC uses 5V while GBA uses 3.3V).

6. Insert your cartridge and then plug in GBxCart RW. Click the Connect button and the little USB icon should turn from grey to green.

7. You should now click “Read Cart Info” to read some basic information from the cartridge. Make sure you only continue if Logo Check is Ok. You can now backup the ROM,  backup your save game to your PC and restore your save game to the cartridge.

For Linux/Mac

You may need to install this CH340G driver –

1. Extract the software zip file (found in Downloads) and plug in GBxCart RW.

2. Open a terminal window and change directory to the Console Interface (Interface_ProgramsGBxCart_RW_vx.x_Console_Interface).

3. You will need to compile the application by typing in “sudo make”.

4. You can then run the application by typing in “sudo ./gbxcart_rw_console_v1.20” for example.

If it has trouble connecting to the serial port, try running “ls /dev” and see if you can find a device similar to tty.chusbserial630.

If you find one similar, you will need to edit the rs232/rs232.c file, just replace one of the existing entries in the variable below: char *comports[RS232_PORTNR]={“/dev/ttyS0″,”/dev/ttyS1″,”/dev/ttyS2”,

And then re-compile.

Please send us a quick email about the port you find so we can provide an official update.


If no lights are showing when plugging in the device or the device isn’t being detected

  • Try using a different USB cable (preferably a non-phone type USB cable). This Startech cable is know to work.
  • Try using a non-USB 3.0 port if you are using one.
  • Try to unplug all other USB devices except your keyboard and mouse.
  • Uninstall the device from Device Manager and choose to delete the driver files as well, then try to re-install the drivers and ensure the device shows as CH340.

If it’s timing out when performing any of the functions:

  • Try using a different USB cable (preferably a non-phone type USB cable).
  • Check to see that you have no other software which monitors COM ports such as the Arduino IDE running in the background.
  • Try using the Console Interface

If the GUI won’t connect:

  • Make sure the COM port in device manager for CH340 is under COM20
  • Check the config.ini file matches the below. The first number is the com port number

If game saves won’t restore:

  • The battery may be too low. Check you can save on the cart itself by saving, powering off for 5-10 minutes, powering back on and checking the save is still there.
  • If that works, try using GBxCart to restore the save file, then back it up to another file and use a hex editor like HxD to compare the files. If they match, then it is likely something with the cartridge.

If you’ve tried all the above steps but are still experiencing issues, please contact us at


My game isn’t detected properly
Sometimes you may have to move the cartridge a little to the left/right on the cartridge slot as it’s not a perfect fit. You should unplug GBxCart, move the cart and then plug GBxCart back in. If that doesn’t help, you should open the cartridge and clean the cartridge pins either with isopropyl alcohol or the pencil eraser method.

How do I know if my flash cart is re-writable?
You will need to open the cartridge up and check to see if the flash chip identification markings matches or is close to the ones listed on our product page or the manual.

Carts that were developed more than 20 years ago won’t work as most of them are EPROM based and require a specialised programmer that can supply 12V.

Carts developed 10-15+ years ago such as the GB Smart 32M, Bung, EMS, etc aren’t supported at this time but may be in the future. Unfortunately these cartridges are hard to find as well as the information on them and older flashers that support them aren’t open source. Some cartridges may require reverse engineering which can take hours so it’s not a priority for us.

Our product is open source, so if you know how to add support for these cartridges or any others, you can easily modify the console flasher interface to add the additional cart there.

My clone cart isn’t flashing properly
– You may have to clean the cartridge contacts or re-seat the cartridge.
– You should try reading the cart info to see if you receive a game title that you expect from the cart, if not, then sometimes wiggling the cartridge left or right a little bit can help.
– If the clone cart flash chip isn’t on the list, you could try selecting other flash chips to see if they work
– You can running the Flash ID programs to see if your cart returns a flash ID. You will see it read the ROM and if any of the next lines have different data then we we know the flash chip is responding.

While clone carts are supported, we can’t guarantee that clone carts will work, some may have slight differences in their assembly.

My GB/GBC clone flash cart won’t play some games
Some of these clone carts don’t support the MBC1 mapper properly, so some MBC1 games may work but others might not. You can manually patch the game to change it to be MBC5. Here is a listing of games and their MBC types:

My GB/GBC clone flash cart won’t save
Please check if your cart has a battery installed. If not, you will need to install one.

My GBA clone flash cart won’t save
Please check if your cart has SRAM save type and that the game you are running also uses SRAM. If yes to both, the cart requires a battery to save. There may or may not be a place to install a battery.

If your game saves to an EEPROM or Flash then it won’t work on any of these carts unless you patch it to use SRAM, the GBATA program seems to work well for this as reported by some users. If the cart you have doesn’t have a spot for a battery, then you will need to patch that game to save back to the flash. Check what save type your game uses here.

Nowadays it appears that most GBA clone carts don’t have any place for a battery and they patch the games to save back into the main flash memory.

Which flash carts do you recommend?
For Gameboy carts – we would have to recommend our Gameboy flash carts firstly which are available at our shop.

In terms of clone carts, for the Gameboy, we have had good success with the Pokemon Crystal carts which usually contain a 2MB flash chip and battery backed SRAM.

For the Gameboy Advance – we now have lots of different GBA flash carts available.

If you are looking for Pokemon GBA clone cart which you wish to re-flash, there is none we can recommend at this time because most clone carts have the Pokemon game patched to save the save file back to the main flash chip where the game is stored. This means you would have to patch your games to do this too which as far as I know, is a manual process.

The EZ-Flash Omega might be a solution but it’s not as cheap as clone carts.


We recommend using GBxCart with FlashGBX:
FlashGBX for Windows
FlashGBX for Linux/Mac
(made by Lesserkuma)

For Windows, make sure you install the CH340/CH341 driver

For the latest insideGadgets flash cart support, please use the Flasher v1.53

Archive Information

These updates work for the Mini v1.0 board and v1.2/v1.3/v1.4 boards.

Software Downloads
GUI v1.49 / Console Interface v1.40 (Backup cartridges and backup/restore saves)
Flasher v1.53 (For writing to flash carts)
GBxCart Context Menu Extension v1.7 (For Windows, flash carts by right clicking ROM files)
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages (Install both x86 and x64 to use the GUI)
Firmware Update for GBxCart v1.3 PCB – 29 Apr 21

3rd party programs
CartBoy GUI for Mac, recommended for Mac users to backup/restore saves (made by KevinVitale)
FlashGBX Reader/Flasher GUI for Windows/Linux/Mac, pre-compiled program available (made by lesserkuma)
GBxQT GUI for Windows/Linux/Mac (made by HDR)
GBxHub GUI for Windows, a custom front end (made by Kashouryo)

Other programs
GB Camera Saver v1.12 (Dedicated program for backing up GB Camera pictures)
Nintendo Power Cart Programs v1.6 (For flashing the 1MB Nintendo Power Cart, requires Firmware R22+)
GBxCart Play Cart v1.7 (Dumps the rom, save and launches an emulator; check the config-play file. Once emulator is closed, it restores the save)
GBxCart Read/Write GBA Cart’s RTC v1.0 (Allows you to read or write to a GBA cart’s RTC. If the time isn’t correct on your cart, you can input a new date/time but zeroing out your save file offset is required)
GB Smart 16M Multi-Game Maker v1.0 (A basic program to align multiple games for this cartridge)
GB kk_gb_256x16 Flash Cart Flasher (A program to perform a sector erase on this cartridge so you erase/program a single game slot)

Revision History
3 January 2022 – Console Interface v1.40
– Fixed issue with restoring SRAM save file to GBA carts

29 December 2021 – Flasher v1.53
– Added support for insideGadgets 2MB Wisdom Tree Mapper Flash Cart

1 December 2021 – Console Interface v1.39
– Fixed issue with GB “22 in 1” multi-game cart backup option

10 October 2021 – GUI v1.48
– Fixed detection issue of 512Kbit saves on GBA carts

29 July 2021 – Flasher v1.50
– Added support for insideGadgets 4MB (2x2MB), 32KB FRAM Flash Cart

22 June 2021 – All console programs
– Added automatic serial port detection for Linux/Mac

10 June 2021 – Flasher v1.49
– Resolve issue flashing insideGadgets GBA carts with a different flash chip on GBxCart v1.4

5 June 2021 – Nintendo Power Cart Programs v1.3
– Check if NPC has had a sector timeout and issue erase suspend [Thanks to lesserkuma]

3 June 2021 – Flasher v1.48
– GB Auto detect now also checks for carts using the Audio pin as WE

13 May 2021 – Flasher v1.47
– Added support for insideGadgets GBA 3-in-1 (32MB x 3) flash cart

7 May 2021 – GUI v1.46
– Stop rumbling when accessing the RAM has finished on rumble carts

4 May 2021 – Console Interface v1.35, GB Camera Saver v1.9, Nintendo Power Cart Programs v1.2, Flasher v1.46
– Add support for GBxCart RW v1.4

3 May 2021 – GUI v1.45
– Firmware update is now bundled in and the firmware will be checked once connected
– GBA save flash chip ID now displayed
– Add support for GBxCart RW v1.4

29 April 2021 – v1.1-v1.3 Firmware R30
– Fix timeout issue if flashing to some GBA flash carts fail and slightly change how we flashed some GBA flash carts

16 April 2021 – Console Interface v1.34
– Add support for reading the ROM on GB 8MB carts

12 April 2021 – GUI v1.44
– Prevent extra battery load if a GB cart is plugged in, if users select 3.3v mode after reading the cart header

4 April 2021 – GUI v1.43 & Console Interface v1.33
– Fixed Atmel flash save chip writing issues for GBA carts

3 April 2021 – Firmware R29 & Flasher v1.45
– Improved write speeds to insideGadgets GBA flash carts
– Added support for insideGadgets 8MB, 32KB FRAM flash cart

29 Mar 2021 – GUI v1.42
– Removed flashing capability from the general GUI as users should be using the dedicated Flasher GUI

20 Mar 2021 – v1.1-v1.3 Firmware R28
– Fixed Gameboy CS pin addressing issue

14 Mar 2021 – Mini Firmware R25, v1.1-v1.3 Firmware R27
– Resolved issue with iG Power Cart

27 Feb 2021 – Mini Firmware R24, v1.1-v1.3 Firmware R26
– Add support for TAMA5 [Thanks to lesserkuma]

4 Feb 2021 – Console Interface v1.32
– Removed fast read mode as the default as it can cause issues

25 Jan 2021 – Flasher v1.44
– Reduced accidental rumbling when flashing the insideGadgets GBA 32MB, 256Kbit Rumble Flash cart

18 Jan 2021 – Flasher v1.43
– Added support for insideGadgets 2MB, 512Kbit Flash Save, Homebrew Flash Cart
– Corrected sector erase issue for GBA M36L0R8060T Flash Cart [Thanks to lesserkuma]

9 Jan 2021 – Mini Firmware R23, v1.1-v1.3 Firmware R25, Flasher v1.42
– Added support for RetroStage Gameboy Blaster flash carts

9 Jan 2021 – GUI v1.41
– Added setting a default high bank for MBC2+ cartridges (for flash carts)

6 Jan 2021 – GUI v1.40
– Added auto detection of CH340 device as users with multiple COM ports sometimes had detection issues

20 Dec 2020 – GBxCart v1.1-v1.3 Firmware R24
– Resolve save file issues affecting some Pokemon GBA games

15 Dec 2020 – GUI v1.39
– Fixed an issue where using fast ROM read mode would disconnect if trying to perform another action after it finished
– Set fast ROM read mode to off by default, changeable in the options

5 Dec 2020 – Flasher v1.41 & GBxCart v1.1-v1.3 Firmware R23
– Slightly improved writing speed of some GBA flash carts
– Changed what happens after flashing a cart is completed, now reports when it’s complete and waits for users to close the window. To change this, edit the “gbxcart-config.ini” file and add a new line with a “0”.

30 Nov 2020 – Flasher v1.40 & Context Menu Extension v1.2
– GBA auto detect now selects cart type based on flash ID

24 Nov 2020 – GUI v1.38 & Console Interface v1.31
– Skip GBA cart test for rom size, save type, save size if the logo isn’t valid
– Remove the multiple logo check for GBA carts

5 Nov 2020 – Flasher v1.39
– Added support for GBA M36L0R7050T Flash Cart

20 Oct 2020 – GUI v1.37
– Fixed issue if you pressed “Connect” while on GBA mode and then changed to GB mode

17 Oct 2020 – Firmware R20 & Flasher v1.38
– Improved insideGadgets 4MB GB flash cart writing speed (firmware updated required)
– Improved insideGadgets GBA flash cart writing speed by 1.5-2x (firmware updated required)
– Slightly improved GBA clone cart writing speed
– Auto-trim ROM file [Thanks to lesserkuma for the suggestion]

7 Oct 2020 – Flasher v1.37
– Added Generic GBA flash cart auto detection option

30 Sep 2020 – Flasher v1.36
– Added Generic GB 5v/3.3v flash cart auto detection option. Use the 3.3v option first when you have a new clone/bootleg cart

30 Sep 2020 – Flasher v1.35
– Drag and drop now supported on the GUI
– GB 3.3v rated flash carts now have the text “(3.3v)” at the end so you can easily try some out when you have a new clone/bootleg cart

23 Sep 2020 – GUI v1.36 & Console Interface v1.30
– Fixed Pokemon Crystal Japan RAM size text to correctly reflect the size

11 September 2020 – Firmware Update (Mini PCB updated to R18, v1.1-v1.3 PCB updated to R19)
– Added flash cart writing time outs, the TX/RX light will blink if writing to a flash cart has stalled and you can re-seat the cart and retry without having to unplug and reconnect

11 Sep 2020 – Console Interface v1.29 & GUI v1.35
– Slightly improved ROM reading speeds
– Added a default file name if the ROM title is blank
– Don’t allow reading the ROM or saves on GB carts if the header isn’t valid

1 Aug 2020 – Flasher v1.34
– Added support for insideGadgets GB 2MB 128KB SRAM ULP Flash Cart and GBA 16MB 64K EEPROM Solar+RTC Flash Cart

9 Jul 2020 – Flasher v1.33
– Added support for GB Smart 32M [Thanks to lesserkuma]
– Added support for insideGadgets GBA 32MB RTC 1Mbit Flash Save Flash Cart

3 Jul 2020 – Flasher v1.32
– Added support for GB 4 MByte (S29GL032 CPLD cart), GB 8 MByte (BUNG Doctor GB Card 64M) (28F640J5), GBA 32 MByte (Flash2Advance 256M) and GBA 16 MByte (Nintendo AGB Cartridge 128M Flash S, E201850) [Thanks to lesserkuma]

3 Jul 2020 – Firmware Update (Mini PCB updated to R17, v1.1-v1.3 PCB updated to R18)
– Added support for GB 8 MByte (BUNG Doctor GB Card 64M) (28F640J5), GBA 32 MByte (Flash2Advance 256M) and GBA 16 MByte (Nintendo AGB Cartridge 128M Flash S, E201850) [Thanks to lesserkuma]
– Changed accessing GBA save chip by pulsing CS2 before RD/WR

26 Jun 2020 – Flasher v1.31
– Small update to console flasher “next page selection” screen
– Updated insideGadgets GBA carts to accept another flash id from a different flash chip

6 Jun 2020 – Flasher v1.30
– Added support for AM29F032B (WR as WE)

27 May 2020 – GUI v1.34
– Added a popup prompt when using the GUI to re-write flash carts that users should use the dedicated Flasher instead.
– Added a check for GB carts that if the header checksum is incorrect, it won’t allow any functions to be performed as corruption could occur

22 May 2020 – Flasher v1.29
– Added support for insideGadgets 4MB 32KB FRAM MBC3 with RTC flash cart, insideGadgets 1MB 128KB SRAM Custom boot logo flash cart and 2 MByte AM29F016B (Audio as WE method).

17 Apr 2020 – Flasher v1.28
– Added timeout detection for chip erase and flashing

21 Jan 2020 – Firmware Update (Mini PCB updated to R16, v1.1-v1.3 PCB updated to R17)
– Speed up GB/GBA flash cart writing (depends on the rom) by not writing 0xFF/0xFFFF

16 Jan 2020 – Flasher v1.27 and Firmware Update (Mini PCB updated to R15, v1.1-v1.3 PCB updated to R16)
– Added support for GB 512KB AM29LV160 flash cart (and possibly the 1MB 29LV320) that has a CPLD [Thanks to t5b6_de for finding out how to access the flash chip]

21 Dec 2019 – Console Interface v1.28
– Added GBxMAS RW support

21 Dec 2019 – Flasher v1.26
– Added support for insideGadgets 1MB, 128KByte SRAM Custom Logo Flash Cart
– Added GBxMAS RW support

21 Dec 2019 – GUI v1.33
– Changed back GBA ROM reading from 256 byte reads to 64 byte reads as some users experienced “retrying” issues
– Added GBxMAS RW support

10 Dec 2019 – GUI Flasher v1.25
– Added a dedicated GUI Flasher which uses the Console Flasher back-end so the GUI can be kept up to date quickly.

2 Dec 2019 – Console Flasher v1.25
– Added insideGadgets GB 1MB flash cart and insideGadgets GBA 32MB 4Kbit/64Kbit EEPROM Save flash cart
– Made flash cart config file numbers remain the same with future versions
– Added next page feature so users can see all carts

30 Nov 2019 – Console Interface v1.27
– Added delay when restoring Gameboy saves in Linux as it may stall otherwise

18 Nov 2019 – Console Interface v1.26
– Changed back GBA ROM reading from 256 byte reads to 64 byte reads as some users experienced “retrying” issues

7 Nov 2019 – Nintendo Power Cart Programs v1.1a
– Bug fix with short file names not properly restoring .map file
– Added more com ports

2 Nov 2019
– Updated firmware update program to auto-detect COM port, PCB version and current firmware loaded

8 Oct 2019 – Console Flasher v1.24
– Added support for GB 4MB MBC30 (MBM29F033C) Flash Cart

24 Sept 2019 – Console Flasher v1.23
– Added more COM ports
– Changed file size limitation on 256M29EWH cart to 32MB

21 Sept 2019 – Console Interface v1.25
– Added support for GBA carts that can support 1Mbit SRAM by writing the high address bit (e.g GE28F128W30 Flash cart) [Thanks to bbsan] – Only perform ROM/RAM checks on GBA carts if the logo check is correct

9 August 2019 – GBxCart v1.1-v1.3 Firmware R15 & Console Flasher v1.22
– Added support for GBA 16MB GE28F128W30 Flash cart [Thanks to t5b6_de]

8 August 2019 – GUI v1.32 & Console Interface v1.24
– Added support for Momotarou Collection & Bomber Man Collection MBC1 Hubson carts [Thanks to もざぶる @lasto_lr]

4 August 2019 – Console Flasher v1.21
– Updated to include checks for Flash ID of known carts and if cart contents keep changing which means the cart isn’t inserted correctly.

Older software revisions
v1.35 – 26 June 2019
– Fixed a few more flash cart options
– Added support for insideGadgets 32MB 512Kbit/1Mbit GBA Flash Carts
– Increased COM port detection to COM30
– Changed Nintendo Logo check to Header checksum check for Gameboy carts

v1.34 – 24 May 2019
– Fixed S29GL032 flash cart option [Thanks to Richard M. for reporting]
– Added support for GB Smart 16M Gameboy flash cart [Thanks Owen R. for doing a cartridge swap]
– Added support for 32MB (4x 8MB banks) M29W256 Gameboy flash cart [Thanks to Mas H. for testing]

v1.33 – 15 May 2019
– Added insideGadgets Flash cart options so it’s easier to select
– Added a few more flash chips which users have reported
– Added extra option of dumping the 4 banks for the Gameboy “22 in 1” Pokemon cart and variant carts [Thanks to Leo S. for the suggestion]

v1.32 – 4 May 2019
– Added “-“ character to allowed characters in Game title [Thanks to Adam H. for reporting]
– Added a slight delay after setting address / mode as some users reported issues flashing, it would stop after a few seconds [Thanks to Jeff C. & Leo S. for testing]
– Works with PCB 1.0 again [Thanks to Clayton M. for reporting]
– Added another value (0xB0) as an erase sector status completed check on GBA 256L30B and variant carts

v1.31 – 26 March 2019
– Added Nintendo Power Cart Programs (Firmware update required to R13) – Backup ROM, backup saves, restore saves, flasher [Thanks to Kousei for providing the cartridge and NESDev forums for the cartridge information]

v1.30 – 13 March 2019
– Simplified connect/disconnect buttons, removed COM port fields/text as its auto detected.
– Added option of “Always re-read cart info when backing up save” [Thanks to Santiago C. for the suggestion]

v1.29 – 2 March 2019
– Added support for insideGadgets 4 MByte (MX29LV320) GB Flash Cart

v1.28 – 22 February 2019
– When selecting a ROM to write, the dialog windows only show .gb, .gbc and .gba files [Thanks to Santiago C. for the suggestion]
Now remembers the last folder where the user selected the last ROM file [Thanks to Santiago C. for the suggestion]
Updated “Stalled” message to include a pop-up to advise users to unplug the device and re-seat the cartridge, the GUI program will terminate once Ok is pressed (as it can sometimes lock up) [Thanks to Santiago C. for the suggestion]
Allowed GBxCart Mini RW to flash 3.3V Gameboy Flash Carts (use at your own risk) [Thanks to Dennis for reporting]

v1.27 – 28 January 2019
– Fixed bug where the flash ID wasn’t read properly the first time when reading GBA carts [Thanks to Scott K. for testing]
– Added timeout checking and recovery to all reading functions [Thanks to Conor R. for reporting/testing]
– Adjusted EEPROM detection as some GBA carts were being detected as having an EEPROM when they didn’t [Thanks to Nevin V. for reporting/testing]

v1.26 – 23 December 2018
– Added another COM port for Apple Mac [Thanks to Conor R.]
– Fixed reading ROM timeouts that were happening on Apple Macs [Thanks to Conor R. for testing]

v1.25 – 4 December 2018
– Added support for v1.3 PCB & GBxCart Mini RW v1.0
– Added MBC type selection to GB Cart Info section
– GUI/Console: Added support for 4 MByte (MX29LV320) Gameboy Advance Flash Cart
– Console: Added support for GB 64MB Mighty Flash Cart
– Console: Advises you which COM port number it’s connected on [Thanks to Kim R. for the suggestion]
– Console: For Windows: Moved config.ini and config-flash.ini file to C:Users<username> folder so ROMs can be dragged and dropped from anywhere
– GUI: Changed GB / GBA mode drop down box to radio buttons
– GB Camera Saver: Added a variant to to also include deleted images as well [Thanks to Santiago C. for the suggestion]

v1.24 – 5 October 2018
– Added support for M29W640 – 4MByte Gameboy Flash Cart and provided another method “(2)” for flashing M36L0R706 & 256L30B Gameboy Advance Flash Carts
– Added another COM port for Apple Mac [Thanks to rebbTRSi]

v1.23 – 13 September 2018
– Added support for SST39SF040 – 512KB & 256M29 – 32MB (4x 8MB Banks) Gameboy Flash Carts [Thanks to David D. for the loan cart & Bart C. for testing]
– Added progress bar in the task bar (for Windows 7+) [Thanks to Jonas S for the suggestion]
– Added a taskbar pop-up to alert you when the functions such as reading the ROM, writing the ROM, etc is completed and if the progress bar hasn’t moved for 1 minute, if the software is minimized. [Thanks to Jonas S for the suggestion]
– Added support for 8MB Gameboy Carts

v1.22 – 2 August 2018
– Fixed bug when a colon “:” was in the Game title, reading the ROM/RAM wouldn’t write anything to the PC. [Thanks to Casey F. for reporting]
– Fixed Linux compiling issues after MacOS support was added [Thanks to Jan B. for reporting]

v1.21 – 14 July 2018
– Fix bug when backing up saves with automatic date/time set then unset, sometimes it continue to be set and when prompting to restore save files, it wouldn’t work if the base save wasn’t present.
– Small bug fix for M36L0R706 & 256L30B Gameboy Advance Flash Carts
– Fixed bug when checking for EEPROM on Intel based GBA Flash Carts, it wouldn’t allow the end 2MB to be read. Now we check if an Intel chip is present and skip the EEPROM check if so

v1.20 – 19 June 2018
– Speed up writing to Gameboy / Gameboy Advance Flash carts
– Slightly speed up reading Gameboy Advance ROMs
– Added support for M36L0R706 (36LOR-DRV) & 256L30B (28F256L0RB-DRV) – 16MB/32MB Gameboy Advance Flash Carts [Thanks to Sanni’s Cartreader project and Chris K. for loaning me one a cart]
– Added checkbox option to not erase a flash chip before writing to it. Useful if you have a DIY Gameboy Multi-cart with an MCU controlling the ROM chip address lines or using DIP switches [Thanks to Jonas S for the suggestion/testing]
– Added MacOS support (untested) [Thanks to grosshei]

v1.19 – 30 March 2018
– Added auto detecting of COM port if the COM port from the configuration file doesn’t respond correctly
– Added support for AM29F016B – 2MB Gameboy Flash Carts [Thanks to Davide I. for reporting/testing]

v1.18 – 19 March 2018
– Added a more thorough check for GBA SRAM/Flash saves
– Added support for SST39SF010A & AT49F040 – 32K Gameboy Flash Carts (Firmware update R9 required) [Thanks to Jonas S. & Wes for reporting/testing]

v1.17 – 28 February 2018
– GUI: Added option to remember the specified folder where everything should save to and load from if you changed it
– GUI: Added the option to add date/time to your save game file name when backing it up and also an option to prompt for the save game file to restore (useful if you are backing up your progress when playing a game)

v1.16 – 15 February 2018
– GUI/Console: Fixed issue where some Gameboy Advance games with Flash saves weren’t restoring save games properly [Thanks to Patrick R. for reporting and testing]
– Added support for 29LV128DTMC & 256M29EWH – 16MByte Gameboy Advance Flash Carts [Thanks to Jonas S. for testing]
– Added support for AM29LV160DB & 29LV160CTTC – 2MByte Gameboy Flash Carts (Firmware update R8 required) [Thanks to Stephan G. for testing]
– Added support for specifying a folder where everything should save to and load from [Thanks to Bart C. for the suggestion]

v1.15 – 17 January 2018
– Added support for 32K Gameboy Carts that use WR pin instead of the Audio pin [Thanks to Jonas S. for the suggestion and testing]
– Added support for Gameboy ES29LV160 (0883_DRV PCB) – 1MByte Flash Cart

v1.14 – 26 December 2017
– Added support for GBA (MSP55LV128M / 29GL128EHMC) 16MByte Flash Carts [Thanks to Jonas S. for reporting and testing]

v1.13 – 5 December 2017
– Added support for 16MByte MSP55LV128 Gameboy Advance Flash cart [Thanks to Sanni’s Cartreader project]

v1.12 – 28 November 2017
– Adjusted check for EEPROM to occur before SRAM/Flash check (MCU pins would be floating if no SRAM/Flash was present, can cause false positives)

v1.11 – 4 November 2017
– Added support for Linux [Thanks to Michael C]

v1.10 – 10 October 2017
– Added support for 2MByte BV5 Gameboy Flash Carts (R4 Firmware required)

v1.9 – 5 September 2017
– Added erase cart memory option [Thanks to Jonas S. for the suggestion]
– Allow “_” in GB/GBA title
– GUI: Fixed bug when selecting 64Kbit EEPROM option in Specify cart info
– GUI: Changed text on some buttons

v1.8 – 26 August 2017
– Remove check for EEPROM if SRAM/Flash found
– Updated check of SRAM/Flash, re-read the first 64 bytes twice (if the cart has an EEPROM, sometimes data lines can come back with random data in the first 64 bytes read).
– Added support for writing ROMs to Gameboy 32KByte Flash Carts (works with R2+, faster with R3+)
– Changed GUI text font, added “Manual” and “Check for updates” option

v1.7 – 17 August 2017
– Added better checks for 512Kbit vs 1Mbit Flash
– Added a check for flash sector erases that may take longer than the usual 25ms, waits until byte 0x00 of the sector reads 0xFF. [Thanks to EGJ for reporting the issue and assisting in troubleshooting]

v1.6 – 13 August 2017
– Fixed bug when writing to a GBA 1Mbit Flash save, wasn’t ending the write before switching banks
– Fixed bug where some GBA cartridges would be stuck in Flash ID mode and would keep repeating some bytes over and over again when backing up the save to the PC. We now exit Flash ID mode another way. [Thanks to Black Phoenix for bringing both of the above issues up and for the vast amount of time spent troubleshooting it]
– Console Interface: Fixed bug where specify flash type/size was not taking effect
– Console Interface: Updated Sachen ROM mapper to support v1.1 PCB
– Console Interface: Added support for reading ROMs from GBA “24-in-1” Flash Carts (may not work for all flash carts)

v1.5 – 12 July 2017
– Console Interface: Added GB Camera Saver program

v1.4 – 24 June 2017
– GUI Interface: Added check to see if device is still connected before “Read Header”, “Read ROM”, etc buttons are pressed
– GUI Interface: Added the current mode (GBA or GB/GBC) and firmware version once connected

v1.3 – 8 May 2017
– Added alternative method (very slow) to read Gameboy Camera if you aren’t able to re-program the firmware to R2
– Added additional check for carts with EEPROM that seemed to allow 4Kbit or 64Kbit reads without any issues
– Added special check for “Chu-Chu Rocket!” SRAM size
– Added support for “.” in GBA game title
– Fixed bug when reading EEPROM with GBA 32MB carts (firmware update R2 required)

v1.2 – 4 May 2017
– Fixed a bug when opening/closing COM port that would cause the program to lock up
– Fixed a bug that wouldn’t open the “Specify Cart Info” menu when a GBA cart was inserted
– Updated ROM size check from 16MB to 32MB
– Update the check for GBA SRAM/Flash between 256k/512k to correct some carts been detected as 256k

v1.1 – 4 April 2017
– Console Interface: Added custom commands functionality for raw I/O access
– Console Interface: Added Sachen mapper support so you can dump ROMs from the Sachen cart into their own files
[Thanks to Voltagex for bringing this up and helping with troubleshooting]
[Thanks to Tauwasser for the Sachen information/post explaining it]
– GUI Interface: Updated some text labels

v1.0 – 11 March 2017
– Initial Release

Hardware/Firmware Archive
Includes schematic (with Eagle .sch file), pictures and AVR firmware. This is old firmware, please check the top for the latest.

GBxCart RW v1.1/v1.2/v1.3 + GBxCart Mini RW v1.0
(Firmware R14) – 18 May 2019
– Fixed support for Gameboy Nintendo 1MB Power Cart on GBxCart RW Mini and GBxCart RW v1.3 [Thanks to Leo R. for reporting / testing]

(Firmware R13) – 26 March 2019
– Added support for flashing GB 1MB Nintendo Power Cart

(Firmware R12) – 4 December 2018
– Added support for GB 64 MB Mighty Flash Cart and 4 MByte (MX29LV320) Gameboy Advance Flash Cart
– Added support for GBxCart v1.3 PCB & GBxCart Mini RW v1.0 PCB

(Firmware R11) – 14 September 2018
– Added support for SST39SF040 – 512KB & 256M29 – 32MB (4x 8MB Banks) Gameboy Flash Carts [Thanks to David D. for the loan cart & Bart C. for testing]
– Set reset pin low for 50ms to reset the cart at startup (for some CPLD carts to initialise properly)

(Firmware R10) – 19 June 2018
– Speed up writing to Gameboy / Gameboy Advance Flash carts
– Slightly speed up reading Gameboy Advance ROMs
– Added support for M36L0R706 (36LOR-DRV) & 256L30B (28F256L0RB-DRV) – 16MB/32MB Gameboy Advance Flash Carts [Thanks to Sanni’s Cartreader project and Chris K. for loaning me one a cart]

(Firmware R9) – 19 March 2018
– Re-written Gameboy flash cart writing functions
– Added support for SST39SF010A & AT49F040 – 32K Gameboy Flash Carts [Thanks to Jonas S. & Wes for reporting/testing]

(Firmware R8) – 15 February 2018
– Added support for AM29LV160DB & 29LV160CTTC – 2MByte Gameboy Flash Carts [Thanks to Stephan G. for testing]

(Firmware R7) – 17 January 2018
– Added support for 32K Gameboy Carts that use WR pin instead of the Audio pin [Thanks to Jonas S. for the suggestion and testing]
– Added support for Gameboy ES29LV160 (0883_DRV PCB) – 1MByte Flash Cart

Firmware R6) – 26 December 2017
– Verifies bytes when programming all flash carts

(Firmware R5) – 5 December 2017
– Added support for 16MByte MSP55LV128 Gameboy Advance Flash cart [Thanks to Sanni’s Cartreader project]

(Firmware R4) – 15 October 2017
– Added support for 2Mbyte BV5 Gameboy Flash Carts

(Firmware R3) – 26 August 2017
– Now using TinySafeBoot bootloader so ATmega MCU can be reprogrammed without the need for a programmer. (If you purchased a board before 23 August 2017, you will require an AVR programmer, please check “Reprogramming the MCU” section in the manual)
– Added support for writing ROMs to Gameboy 32K Flash Carts

(Firmware R2) – 8 May 2017
– Added extra nop when reading Gameboy Camera SRAM as some of data would change sometimes leading to artifacts on the pictures
– Changed A0-A23 address when preparing to read EEPROM from 0xFFFFFF to 0xFFFF00 to support GBA 32MB carts

(Firmware R1) – 27 April 2017
– Switched from ATmega32A to ATmega8515L, some assigned ports have changed

PCB v1.0
(Firmware R2) – 8 May 2017
– Added extra nop when reading Gameboy Camera SRAM as some of data would change sometimes leading to artifacts on the pictures
– Changed A0-A23 address when preparing to read EEPROM from 0xFFFFFF to 0xFFFF00 to support GBA 32MB carts

(Firmware R1) – 11 March 2017
– Initial Release

PCB Hardware
v1.3 – 4 December 2018
– Removed switch to select voltage, it’s now software controlled.

v1.2b – 19 July 2018
– Added 10K pull-up to Reset/CS2 line as some GBA flash cart’s SRAM may corrupt a few bytes when the device is plugged/unplugged
– Added 2 extra pads for to hold micro USB port more securely

v1.2a – 5 March 2018
– Added “GB” and “GBA” silkscreen to existing “5V” and “3V” text

v1.2 – 29 December 2017
– Changed through-hole crystals to SMD crystals
– Changed Mini USB connector to Micro USB connector

v1.1 – 27 April 2017
– Changed ATmega169A to ATmega8515L

54 reviews for GBxCart RW (Gameboy/GBC/GBA Cart Reader, Writer & Flasher)

  1. Jorge E. (verified owner)

    Excellent product and the software is easy to use, It takes a month to arrive in Mexico

  2. Kelby W. (verified owner)

    This product worked exactly as advertised. Plugged it in, installed the software and within several minutes I was playing my games.

    Thank you for letting me re-experience my childhood 🙂

  3. Christian P (verified owner)

    For shipping from Australia this sure came in quickly! Everything worked just as it should, very easy to add to my programs list and even better it was pre-packaged to be opened with Microsoft Visual Studio! (Personal preference since I use the program daily). For such a low price you sure get EXCELLENT performance and results, no complaints. Love my purple GBxCart, highly recommended!

  4. pkx8326 (verified owner)

    Very nice product! Now I can show and share photos from my Game Boy Pocket Camera!

  5. Hyunhee J. (verified owner)

    It’s a very good product.
    After replacing it with version 1.4, the write became very fast.

  6. Jay W. (verified owner)

    well, after nearly 2 months waiting, finally I received this device in CHINA. It is reeeeeeeally a long trip, lol~. In spite of the unexpected delivery time, the board is reaaaaaaaally nice and it has a very useful software for windows. Many thanks to the seller!

  7. liam C. (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing product! Hats off to alex and the team, by far the best GBA/GB reader writer on the market. Software has some neat features and handholding to prevent you doing anything silly with your carts, its super fast and super reliable.

    10/10 Glad i made the purchase

  8. Fábio G. (verified owner)

    i bought the “mini” version of this product and it works wonders for my collection of gbc games ! it even works on the bootlegs from 2000s that i have ! if you want a cheaper and useful solution, go for the mini ! my Poke Crystal save is safe forever

  9. Davide (verified owner)

    Ordered the 28 March, Shipped the 5th of April.. and finally Delivered Today 22 April (2 weeks and 3 days).. Not bad for AusPost International Tracked to Italy.

    Ive already used the previous GBCart Shield for Arduino and this is a huge step-up from that, i dont need to use an arduino only for this, and i can read/write saves from GBA Cart too.

    Ive picked the “Pro” to have the board protected in a shell, when i will put it in the box with my GameBoy’s.

    I highly Recommend the product, Very Great!!!
    Thank You InsideGadgets!!!

  10. Mónica C. (verified owner)

    I received the GBxCart RW v1.3 Pro today. Arrived in 4 weeks to Spain, I managed to test it doing a backup of my save of the cartridge of Pokemon Crystal, and managed to restore it without problems.

    I’m satisfied, since now I can save up the gameplay once I finish playing, and if the battery of the cartridge runs out, I can restore it.

    The software is very easy to use, needed to install manually the drivers to make it work, and once I managed to install, I just followed the guide of the wiki to make the backup.

  11. Lucas O (verified owner)

    Ich habe die GBxCart RW v1.3 Pro (USB-C) bestellt und sie kam via AusPost in ca. 20 Werktagen an (Niedersachsen, Deutschland). Die Lieferung war schneller als erwartet im Jahr 2020 (selbsterklärend glaube ich). Das Produkt funktioniert wunderbar, nachdem die notwendigen Treiber, wie in der Anleitung beschrieben, installiert wurden. Bei irgendwelchen Problemen empfehle ich die Anleitung zu lesen die sehr verständlich geschrieben wurde. Die Karte funktioniert perfekt zum Sichern meiner Savegames und Roms (hauptsächlich Pokemon-Spiele für GB/GBC/GBA). Insbesondere das Wiederherstellen der gesicherten Spielstände nach dem Ersetzen der internen Batterie auf den Modulen älterer GB/GBC-Spiele war für mich wichtig und ist einfach durchzuführen. Die Software ist intuitiv und enthält alles, was ich brauche. Gutes Produkt! Ich kann es empfehlen!

    Translated by myself 🙂

    I ordered the GBxCart RW v1.3 Pro (USB-C) and it arrived via AusPost in less than 20 business days (Lower Saxony, Germany). The delivery was faster than expected for 2020 (guess there is no need to explain why). The product works like a charm after installing the drivers manually, as described in the manual. If you run into any issues, please read the well written manual. It works perfectly for backing up my savegames and roms in (mainly pokemon games for GB/GBC/GBA). Especially restoring the backed up savegames after replacing the internal battery on the modules of older GB/GBC Games was important for me and is done easily. The software is intuitive and contains everything i need. Great product! I can recommend it!

  12. AlamosIT (verified owner)

    I bought GBxCart RV v1.3 in 2019 and it’s still perfect! Less then a month to arrive in Italy.

    It’s the best device for backup and restore save file from GBA and GB/GBC cartridges.
    Also the best for dump ROMs and write custom cartridges.

    Very useful if you want to preserve your historical save file (for example from Pokémon games) from battery death in GB/GBC carts of flash error in GBA carts.

    You can also extract bmp photos from GB Camera and backup or share them digitally!

  13. daeho c. (verified owner)

    Before the shipping, the seller sent me e-mail. He said that Australia Post have suspended the standard tracked parcel service. So I paid extra charge to change shipping service from standard to express. I received the product in a weeks from AU to South Korea. The product perfectly works. I am satisfied with delivery speed and the product. Thank you for the kind seller.

  14. Diogo J. S. (verified owner)

    Received it fairly fast. The ease of use and quality of the product are something. The board is really nice and the software is very nice and easy to use.

    I was able to backup my save games easily and backup the ROMs as well restore them to the cartridge.

    Recommend at all this product.

  15. Adonis L. (verified owner)

    You just can’t beat the price for functionality. I will highly recommend this product and the people behind this amazing device. Very informative and helpful. Get them while you can!!!

  16. Francis T. B (verified owner)

    Received the GBxCart RW v1.3 after a month (i live in Canada). It was worth the wait! I backed-up up my saves for pokemon & zelda games on the gb/gbc and all my gba games. Excellent product, highly recommended seller! Will definitely buy other stuff from here later.

  17. Edward D (verified owner)

    Can’t add too much besides what others have said, GBxCart RW Pro, works great and the circuit board fits nicely in my translucent blue GBA Cart.

  18. Jesus Z. D (verified owner)

    I made my purchase and the product arrived very well. I’ve only tried it to get the images of the game boy camera and it worked correctly. I highly recommend this product! I am from Peru (South America).

  19. Claas B. (verified owner)

    Received my GBxCart Mini. Really love it. Great work!
    Really quick delivery all the way to Germany, too!

  20. SeungJ L (verified owner)

    Just received the product from South Korea! Took approx. half a month to reach here(Used tracked AirMail) Works fine on Win10, easy installing driver! Tested out reading ROM and importing/exporting save files with no problem. I can’t thank more for this amazing product, I can save all my GBA cartridges safely now. Easy to use, Affordable price, What’s more to say? Excellent product mates. Highly recommended.

  21. Lucca W (verified owner)

    Works great!
    The transport to Switzerland took about 2 weeks and about 2 week to make my order ready. For the long way from Australia is that alright.
    Good service, pleasant email support.

  22. Justin (verified owner)

    I received mine about 3 weeks after ordering, and it works as promised. I had to fumble a bit with driver installs and finding a ‘good’ USB cable before the computer would recognize it. Thanks!

  23. Michael T (verified owner)

    Took a while for me to get it to work but that was my own “screw the documentation” attitude. After actually reading and seeing how to check what kind of bootleg cart I got I was able to put the game I made with GBStudio on an actual Gameboy cartridge.
    Which is an amazing feeling too, child me would be freakin’ amazed haha.
    Cheers heaps and keep up the great work.

  24. Germain R (verified owner)

    Works great !

  25. Juan A. B. P. (verified owner)

    I received the GBxCart RW (v1.3) in 3 weeks to spain. Arrived perfectly, and works perfectly. It´s fantastic I use it with windows 7 and Works perfectly I can extract GBA and GBC Saves and I ca flash ROMs in a Chinese flashcard. Great product I am glad with this buy!!!! Maybe in the future i use it to flash MultiROM FlashCard

  26. Shawn S (verified owner)

    Arrived to my US Doorstep around 2 weeks after I purchased it. Took around 1-2 days to ship. Works perfectly fine for extracting GBA and GBC Pokemom Saves. Might decide to use this in the future to flash ROM Hacks to it. Great product and would be happy to buy again!

  27. Bruno (verified owner)

    Very impressed with this device. Does all it claims and it does it well. I have the USB-C version, it works very well with Windows 10.

  28. Franck R (verified owner)

    (Will write both in English & French)

    Recieved it in 2 and a half week, and I live in France. Arrived perfectly perfectly, and works perfectly.
    I’m a Windows 7 user, and I would like to say that the GBxCart RW didn’t got recognized at first with the first USB wire I’ve used. Device Manager would not see anything either. I’ve then tried another USB wire, same thing. My 3rd wire I’ve used, the light on the board turned on, but same as above, the computer would not recognize anything.
    Of course, I did followed the quick steps and installed what was needed (including the “.inf” drivers), but nothing. I’ve even updated my computer’s drivers, just in case. With this 3rd wire, I’ve tried repeating the steps on all the PCs on the house (including one Windows 10), but same as before, still that light, but not recognized AT ALL. I was starting to think there was something wrong, until I’ve tried ANOTHER USB cable that I have, and tadaaa, it finally WORKED !

    So if you struggle to make it work, just know that the key for that is the USB cord that you use, not all with work, and usually, the not so long ones have a higher chance of working with the GBxCart RW !

    I can now transfer my pokemon from the 3DS Virtual Console to my Gameboy Cartridge, and then view them in 3D in Pokemon Stadium. It is amazing !


    Pour les non anglophones, ce que je peux vous dire, c’est que je l’ai reçu en 2 semaines et demi après expédition. Il est arrivé dans une petite envellope protégé à bulles, et il fonctionne du tonnerre. Je peux copier mes sauvegardes de mes cartouches Gameboy, Gameboy Color et GBA sur mon PC, et peux même transférer ces mêmes sauvegardes sur la cartouche elle même, ce qui vous permet de ne plus perdre la save quand la batterie est HS.

    J’ai par contre eu du mal à le faire fonctionner au début, car il n’était simplement pas reconnu par l’ordinateur sous Windows 7, ni même sous Windows 10. Malgrès une mise à jour de mes pilotes, rien n’y a fait. Il n’apparaissais nul part après branchement en USB. Il se trouve que le cable USB que j’utilisais ne fonctionnais pas du tout sur le GBxCart RW. J’ai testé de multiples cables, sans succes. Un de ces cables à fait réagir l’apareil en allumant les diodes, mais rien de plus, toujours pas reconnu. J’ai même pris la peine d’installer les drivers “.inf” fournis dans le dossier d’installation, mais toujours rien. J’ai essayé un nouveau cable USB (Un 4ème cable différent), je l’ai branché, et surprise, tout est reconnu parfaitement.
    Le truc important si rien ne marche, c’est le type de cable USB. Les cables court d’après ma propre expérience ont donné plus de resultats que les longs. Maintenant, l’apareil marche du tonnerre, et je n’ai plus aucuns soucis 🙂


    To make it short … it’s cheap and works like a charm. If you’re looking for something to backup your saves … this is the one you’ll need !

  29. Peter (verified owner)

    Received mine a few weeks ago. It works great.
    Already flashed a few home made flashcarts and have had no issues dumping roms and sav files.
    Why pay more for other products that will do the same, or maybe even less, than this nifty little reader?

  30. davis.s (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Well documented.

  31. Andreas T (verified owner)

    Very straightforward manual, and user-friendly command line application for OS X (ran it on 10.14.4.) Quick delivery, also.

    Thank you very much for your help, appreciated.

  32. leorock1988 (verified owner)

    it’s an amazing device for bring to life your home brew games! , simple to use , arrived in 5 weeks to Colombia. thank you Alex.

  33. Andrew (verified owner)

    I love mine. Plenty of saves backed up and restored, and ROMs read and written.
    I’ve had one very weird issue with a flash chip that wasn’t normally supported. Using the GUI wouldn’t flash it, but using the console flash tool worked, but I got quick, thoughtful responses over on their Twitter!

  34. Marine (verified owner)

    A lovely little piece! It safely arrived in 13 days (Wisconsin, USA) and worked right out of the envelope. Its software is straightforward and simple, installation is super easy. It can be a little bit finicky with games that have sustained a bit of wear and tear, but it does its job very well.

  35. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Just received my GBxCart RW v1.3 from AU to UK with no issues.
    Really easy to use, simple user friendly interface to back up all your GB/GBA games + saves and RW carts.
    Absolutely love it – highly recommended.

  36. William (verified owner)

    I bought this to use with my Gameboy Camera. It’s really great — works well and shipped quickly. I think some Mac-specific instructions in the manual would be a great addition but the product itself is awesome.

  37. Simone


    Ordered more than one year ago and still working. Useful for making backups and for playing your savestates on emulators.

  38. jamesy94 (verified owner)

    Excellent product. This is the cheapest GB/GBC/GBA cartridge reader I could find and it works perfectly for backing up ROMs and save games from cartridges and writing save games to cartridges.

  39. Luc

    Excellent product and support from insidegadgets.
    My computer was not recognizing the gbxcart-rw on Windows 10 or Linux so I reached out to insidegadgets. They responded within a day with some troubleshooting suggestions; turns out the micro-USB cable I was using was not working properly. I then copied my save games and Game Boy Camera photos seamlessly.

  40. Dave (verified owner)

    Would highly recommend this product. Worked brilliantly for extracting my old Pokemon GBA saves. It also shipped fast which was great.

  41. Santiago

    Awesome product and support! It works perfectly. And just took 9 days from Australia to Madrid.

  42. leobenharoun (verified owner)

    Top product work like a charm ^^arrive fast in Fr-eu

  43. Phil B. (verified owner)

    Arrived faster than expected, took about a week to get to Michigan in the US. It was easy to setup and works exactly as expected.

  44. Owen (verified owner)

    This is a great easy to use card reader and works flawlessly on GBA and GB/GC , I bought this as I found a box full of old carts in a cupboard and have been successful in extracting the rom’s and saves from them and preserving the rom’s for my collection

  45. Hector

    great product, i bought my gbxcart from Chile and work really fine with my pokemon games, i extract the save data from virtual console version and inject in a gb cart AND WORKS, now i play pokemon stadium 2 with in my n64 console with my pokemons from virtual console save… its really cool

  46. JaeSeokK

    Very good product and seller. Perfect A/S.

  47. Brian G

    Best GBA save backup tool for the price. I got tired of buying flashcards to export my Pokemon Emerald save, glad I found this instead! I would recommend using a PS3 controller charging adapter to connect the GBX cart with your computer, because I tried a couple of other cheap USBs that did not work with the device.

  48. David D

    I bought this in February and it arrived about a week later here in the United States. The device requires a USB A-Male to Micro B Cable that was not included, however the one I bought off of Amazon worked just fine. I plugged the cable about halfway into the device because it still reads the data fine and it’s difficult to remove if I plug it all the way in. It dumped my game saves and ROMs perfectly! Its price and functionality easily competes with the other devices on the market. I would recommend this device if you are unwilling to spend $50-$70 on the various other devices for about the same functionality.

  49. F-Cee

    Just got my GBxCart RW here in France – really good product. Works as expected.Thanks for that product!

  50. Mitch S.

    Tested and reads/writes perfectly with GB/GBC/GBA games. Not gonna find a better device on market at this price point.

  51. Graham M

    GBxCart RW arrived safe and well in less than 8 business days to the UK. Very reasonably-priced product and postage & packaging is inexpensive.

    Amazingly the battery-backed saves for all my old Gameboy Carts from 1993-1994 were still intact and now I’ve got them backed up for good. It was nice to find these reminders of my youth!

    Thanks again Alex, for your wonderful product, great software and clear instructions.

  52. Vincenzo

    Bought GBxCart RW from Italy. Arrived in 3 weeks, everything perfect. Works like a charm!

  53. G.

    I have had the product delivered to Austria. Everything worked really well! Great product!

  54. Robert

    I received the GBxCart RW (v1.1) in 8 or 9 business days(Ohio, USA). I must say, I’m blown away by the ease of use and quality of the product. The board is is really nice and the software is very nice and easy to use. I was able to backup my save games easily and backup the ROMs. Very much recommend.

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