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Wonderswan 8MB, 32KB FRAM Flash Cart

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An 8MB flash cart with 32KB FRAM for the Wonderswan which has an edge connector on the other side so it’s flashable using GBxCart v1.4+ only (install the latest firmware using FlashGBX) with our WS add-on adapter. Comes with the WS original cart shell the donor was taking from. Designed and made in Australia.

This is a single game flash cart. Saving only supports games that use 32KB or less SRAM. You can use the SwanTool to check the size/type of saves of your game. You can use patches to convert EEPROM saves to SRAM saves, we have only verified the Tetris patch works at this stage. Check the bottom of this listing for games which users have reported don’t work.

Requirements to flash the cart:
GBxCart v1.4+
WS GBx Edge Adapter (in this listing)

You need to purchase our adapter and use our WS Flasher v1.0b, simply drag and drop the rom file to the .exe file in Windows Explorer. You can also backup and restore saves with our WS save management v1.1. Each unit is assembled in house and is tested on a Wonderswan.

Questions? Jump on our Discord server where we and other users can help you or contact us via Twitter.

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The PCB finish is ENIG.

GBxCart firmware updates
For GBxCart v1.4, it keeps all existing functions as there is lots of firmware space available. You will need firmware R39+L8 or higher (use FlashGBX to update).

Games that don’t work
Judgement Silversword – requires 2Mbit (256KByte) of SRAM according to an emulator

Video of a quick prototype below

Additional information

Weight 11 g

8MB, 8MB with GBx edge adapter, GBx edge adapter only, 8MB with GBx edge adapter (pre-order, group 1, ETA 3-4 weeks), 8MB with GBx edge adapter (pre-order, group 2, ETA 5-6 weeks)


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