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ATtiny Programmer Adapter

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A programmer adapter for all the ATtiny DIP models with support for a crystal with optional capacitors or a resonator. You can solder on male headers to make this into an Arduino shield so you can program your ATtiny with an Arduino.

You receive the bare PCB with a 10K resistors, 0.1uF capacitor and Red LEDs pre-soldered. This kit requires you to have your own parts (IC sockets, male/female headers) and will require soldering/assembly.

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Supported ATtiny models:
ATtiny 13/25/45/85
ATtiny 24/44/84
ATtiny 26/46/86/261/461/861
ATtiny 2313/4313
ATtiny 48/88

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 53.2 × 50 × 10 cm


Includes Eagle schematic/board files, schematic, schematic guide and finished product top picture.

v1.4 (11 February 2014) – Download
– Added headers to allow conversion to an Arduino shield
– Added LED on MISO pin
– Spaced out ISP headers from each other a bit more so you can fit IDC socket connectors

v1.3 (2 July 2013) – Download
– Added a main capacitor and optional capacitors near each ATtiny (thanks to Robert J)
– Added ground in-between the two XTAL pins so you can use a resonator (thanks to Robert J)
– Increased VCC and GND lines from 0.254mm to 0.35mm (thanks to Robert J)

v1.2 (29 March 2013) – Download
– Added resistor and LED to board
– Moved male headers so both ISP headers can fit without interfering each other or with the 28 pin IC socket

v1.1 (7 August 2012) – Download
– Updated PCB labels
– Connected AVCC and GND
– Added optional crystal capacitors
(Bug: 6 pin ISP cable won’t fit if you mount the ATtiny48/88 socket)

v1.0 (16 July 2012) – Download
– Initial Release

Build your own

Parts Required

  • 8 pin IC socket (1) – [U1]
  • 14 pin IC socket (1) – [U2]
  • 20 pin IC socket (2) – [U3, U4]
  • 28 pin IC socket (1) – [U5]
  • 10K Resistor SMD 0805 (1) – [R1] (comes pre-soldered)
  • Red LED SMD 0805 (1) – [L1] (comes pre-soldered)
  • 0.1uF Capacitor SMD 0805 (1) – [C3] (comes pre-soldered)
  • 0.1uF Capacitor SMD 0805 (5) – [C4, C5, C6, C7, C8] (optional)
  • 6 pin IDC socket connector or Male headers (For ISP) – 6 pin (2x 3pin) (1) – [J1]
  • 10 pin IDC socket connector or Male headers (For ISP) – 10 pin (2x 5pin) (1) – [J2]
  • Female headers (For connecting the crystal capacitors) – 2 pin (2) – [JP3, JP4]
  • Female headers (For connecting the crystal or resonator) – 5 pin (1) – [JP5]
  • Male headers to convert to Arduino Shield (optional) – 8 pin + 3x 6 pin (1) – [26 pins total]

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