Low Battery Blinking LED Indicator Mod for DMG / Pocket / GBC


With this simple mod once your battery reaches a certain level, the battery indicator LED will start blinking for around 15 seconds every 1 minute. You can set the voltage at which the LED start blinks by shorting out the “Set” contact on the board for 2 seconds when the battery is low.

Connect the board to power, one wire to the LED and you’re good to go. Works with AAs, rechargable AAs or LiPos (only for DMG).

The issue with LiPos on the GBC or Pocket is that the LED is still too bright when the battery is low and this product makes the LED brighter when a low voltage is detected, it blinks but with a LiPo you won’t notice any difference.

Build to order (usually 1-2 weeks before it ships)



Additional information

Weight 5 g


Install the product as shown in the picture.





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