Commodore 16 Classics II for GBC

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Relive your memories of the Commodore 16 Classics II by playing them on the GBC thanks to the re-write done by Laszlo.

“A long time ago, when I was a kid, I played a lot with Commodore 16 games of an English company, called Tynesoft. Unfortunately, they have since fallen into disrepair, but their games remain for us. As the world changed, so did gaming machines, and as a generation grew up, it became possible to rewrite these games to other consoles. I would like to introduce these awesome games to the people who like the Nintendo Gameboy Color. Receive with great love, and have fun!” – Laszlo

Product contents
– High quality insideGadgets flash cart (no save ability)
– High quality GBC cart shell with a cart label
– Game protector case

Optional contents
– Booklet and box (made by Laszlo) Downloadable – The box may have some marks and slight imperfections

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This is a passion product made by Laszlo, they have chosen not to make any profit from this game but to simply cover their costs of having the booklet and boxes produced.

Additional information

Weight 33 g

Cart only, Booklet, Box and Cart


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