DS Rumble Cart

$21.00 USD

A simple DS rumble cart that is inserted into the GBA cart slot which works with DS rumble games such as Metroid Prime Pinball, Metroid Prime Hunters, Clubhouse Games, etc. The rumble strength is slightly adjustable using the trimpot on the board. Designed and made in Australia.

Retro Game Repair Shop stocks this product (no cart shell included).

Includes a generic clear GBA cartridge. Looking for other colour cart shells? Check our high quality GBA cart shell listing. The board won’t fit in a genuine cartridge shell. Each unit is assembled in house and is tested on a DS.

For the rumble strength, by default the trimpot setting is in the middle, take a note of the 2 little dots. It can be rotated half a turn in either direction. Turning to the left reduces the strength and to the right increases the strength. It may only be a slight rumble strength adjustment depending on the game.

This product won’t work with games that have had rumble patches made for them on the aPocket until Analogue add support for them or you patch the game title/code to act as a different game that does have rumble by default.

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10 ready to build (5-10 days build time) (can be backordered)



The PCB finish is ENIG.

(Video of a quick prototype below)

Additional information

Weight 16 g


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