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Gameboy 4MB 128KB FRAM Flash Cart (Low power, Perfect for LSDJ, Rumble option)

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This re-programmable Flash Cartridge is made for LSDJ users who want a low power cart with 128KB of FRAM which means no more batteries! Re-flashable with any flasher like GBxCart RW that supports the S29GL032. Designed and made in Australia.

This is the one of the lowest powered cart available on the market at ~10mA current consumption! Excellent for LSDJ (consumes a bit more power). Works with regular MBC5 games too and GB Studio MBC5 with saving if you wish to develop your own game.

We’ve now added a rumble PCB option so you can play Pokemon Pinball, Perfect Dark, Star Wars Episode I – Racer, etc. If you load LSDJ on the rumble PCB, the rumble motor may be activated very briefly while loading/saving songs. The cart will also rumble when re-flashing it.

Questions? Jump on our Discord server where we and other users can help you or contact us via Twitter.

This cart works on every Gameboy system – GB, MGB, GBC, GBA, GBA SP and the Game Boy Player. Games that require more than 4MB of ROM won’t work. Check this list of Gameboy games to see the ROM/RAM size and MBC type your game will have.

Comes in a generic Gameboy cartridge with our label if you like. Each unit is assembled in house and is tested on a Gameboy Advance. You can supply the ROM file for us to flash the cart if you like, it will be tested for 20-30 seconds to ensure it works.

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ROM: 4MB Flash (S29GL032)
FRAM: 128KB (FM28V100) – No battery needed!
MBC: MBC5 emulated with a CPLD

The PCB finish is ENIG.

When you place an order, if you would like the flash cart to be programmed with a ROM, you need to supply it to us via email (you can reply to your order notification). It will be tested for 20-30 seconds on a Gameboy Advance to ensure it works, if it doesn’t work, we’ll contact you. If you don’t specify a ROM, it will be loaded with LSDJ Stable 8.5.1.

Rumble has been tested on the following games:

  • 3-D Ultra Pinball – Thrillride
  • 10-Pin Bowling
  • Hole in One Golf
  • Missile Command
  • Perfect Dark
  • Pokemon Pinball
  • Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
  • Star Wars Episode I – Racer
  • Vigilante 8

Additional information

Weight 22 g
PCB version

No Rumble (Green), Rumble (Green)

Cart Colour

Grey, Clear, Clear Green, Clear Blue

Cart Label

Yes, Not required, Include separately so I can place it later

Pre-loaded ROM

I will provide a ROM to flash by email, Not required (LSDJ 8.5.1 will be flashed)

Flash carts

Gameboy carts, GB Studio support, Low power, LSDJ compatible, MBC5 support, Saving supported

1 review for Gameboy 4MB 128KB FRAM Flash Cart (Low power, Perfect for LSDJ, Rumble option)

  1. Timothy A. (verified owner)

    Works exactly as I hoped it would. I test both Pokemon Yellow and Silver versions with Pokemon Stadium 2. Yellow also worked with Pokemon Stadium. I used original dumps of both games and flashed each one to test so no rom hacks required.

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