GBA 32MB, 256Kbit FRAM Save, Flash Cart (Rumble optional)


This re-programmable Flash Cartridge allows you to play GBA games that support 256Kbit SRAM or FRAM saves. For a full list of games that should work, please check out the listing here and search for “256K SRAM” or “256K FRAM” or check the list of games we have tested below. If you check for “gba_sram” be sure to test the game in an emulator first to determine the save size. Any game without saves will work. You will need GBxCart RW to re-write this flash cart. Designed and made in Australia.

We have a new PCB version which supports rumble for the single game that we know if which uses it. Your device’s power LED may flicker when the rumble is activated.

Questions? Jump on our Discord server where we and other users can help you or contact us via Twitter.

This cart should work on every system that supports GBA carts – GBA, GBA SP, GB Micro, DS, DS Lite and the Game Boy Player. This cart uses 5-10mA more compared to a regular cart. If you would like us to test a game, check the “Game saves tested” list.

Comes in a generic GBA cartridge (various colours available) with no label. The board won’t fit in a genuine cartridge. Each unit is assembled in house and is tested on a Gameboy Advance. You can supply the ROM file for us to flash the cart if you like, it will be tested for 20-30 seconds to ensure it works.

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The PCB finish is ENIG.

When you place an order, if you would like the flash cart to be programmed with a ROM, you need to supply it to us via email (you can reply to your order notification). It will be tested for 20-30 seconds on a Gameboy Advance to ensure it works, if it doesn’t work, we’ll contact you. If you don’t specify a ROM, it will be loaded with the “Graveblood Pre Pre Pre Alpha” Game Demo.

Saving in these programs/games have been tested to work:

  • Lego Island 2
  • Wario Land 4
  • Goomba Colour (a GB emulator, only a few games were tested)

Rumble in these games have been tested to work:

  • Drill Dozer

If your game isn’t here, send a quick email to with the ROM file and ask us to test it.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
PCB version

No Rumble, Rumble enabled

Rumble motor

Yes, No, I will source my own motor and solder it myself, N/A

FRAM save chip

Yes, No, I will source and solder it myself

Cart Colour

Dark Grey, Clear Blue, Clear Red, Light Red, Clear Green, Green

Pre-loaded ROM

I will provide a ROM to flash by email, Not required

Flash carts

GBA carts, Saving supported


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