Gameboy Camera PicNRec

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This cartridge goes in-between your Gameboy and the GB Camera which allows you to record the camera’s live view for 1.5 hours at 3 fps (max fps is ~5 in good lighting), use the time lapse option of 1 to 60 seconds or take 18,000 pictures. Switch modes with the press of a button. See the mode you are in and how much space is left on the device with the RGB LED. Designed and made in Australia.

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Please note: You won’t be able to view the pictures or recordings you have taken with this device on your Gameboy, only viewable by connecting it your Windows PC.

The Windows software interface allows you to:
– Automatically jump to the last image when connecting
– Hides “erased” pictures by default
– Scrub through all the pictures quickly (use the mouse wheel to jump 10 picture or arrow keys for 1 picture)
– Choose from custom image presets
– Select a range of pictures and export them to a folder
– Select a folder of images and make a gif using imagemagick
– Select a folder of images and make an mp4 video using ffmpeg

The interface software only works on Windows 7 and higher. Please make sure it runs on your PC before you order. Having problems with the software connecting? You may need to disable your Anti-virus.

Comes in a clear reproduction GB cart shell which you will need to modify the cart shellcut out the top part of the shell as the PCB sticks out and the side for the USB port (it is possible to not cut out a spot for the USB port but it can be a little hard to close the cart shell).

Can be used with “Photo!” ROM then you don’t need access to the button as it can trigger the modes from the software (Press the select button > Action, change to Pic’n’Rec). Works with 2bit PXLR Studio and also works to record the glitches if your camera is glitching out/faulty.

3 ready to build (5-10 days build time)


Hardware – How to use

1. Insert the device between your Gameboy and the Gameboy Camera.
2. Once powered on, you will see which mode you are in by the corresponding LED – Record, Time lapse or Picture.
3. Select to take a picture with the camera like you normally would.

Record mode – the LED will start blinking each time a picture has been captured. The frames per second depends on the lighting.

Time lapse mode – both LEDs are on. Configurable from the software from 1 second to 60 seconds. Both LEDs will blink each time a picture has been captured.

Picture mode – the LED is on. Press A to take a picture like normal and wait 1.5 seconds, the LED will blink 3 times to indicate the picture has been saved. You can now press B to return to the live view.

This device will record or take pictures where you last left off after you powered off so it won’t overwrite any existing data.

Software – How to use

Once the device is plugged in, select Connect and it will load up the last image on the device.

Using your mouse or keyboard, you can change the image show on the screen. You can change the colour presets on the top right and move the slider bars around.

– Export images to a folder
Choose your starting image and select “Image Start”
Choose your ending image and select “Image End”

Select “Export image range” and wait for the progress bar to complete.

A folder with the current date/time will be created in the same directory as the program.

– Convert exported image range to GIF / MP4

Select the folder of the exported images in the above step.

A command window should appear, depending on the amount of images, it can take a few seconds or a minute or two.

Once the command window has closed, check the for the file in same directory as the program.

– Time Lapse setting
You can change the amount of time (in seconds) that the device will record an image. Press “Set” when you wish to store the change.

– Number padding
Add zeros to the front of the file name, e.g. 000001.bmp. Useful if you are importing all the bmp files to a different program so they stay in order

– Show erased data
Useful if you have erased the data previous but haven’t overwritten it yet. Select this option and then scroll through the device’s images that were previously shown as “X” error.

– Erase data
You can wipe the “master file table” which tells the device where the next picture should be stored. The next picture will be changed to position 1. If you don’t overwrite the existing data on the device, you can select the “Show erased data” to see it.

LED colours indicating space used

Green – 0 to 24%
Blue – 25% to 49%
Light Blue – 50% to 74%
Yellow – 75% to 90%
Red – 91% to 100%
At 100%, both LEDs will be red. You need to use the interface software to erase the contents before you can use the device again.


GBCam PicNRec v1.9

You also need the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages
Please install both x86 and x64

Revision History

14 July 2024 – v1.9
– Fixed issue where number padding and palette setting wouldn’t be remembered until you connected
– Fixed issue where if number padding was enabled, export to GIF/MP4 didn’t work
– Fixed “Directory” option that wasn’t working
– Changed image start/end labels to text boxes
– Added “Jump to End” button so you can jump to the end again

14 October 2023 – v1.8
– Fixed bug where last image wasn’t being exported

8 September 2022 – v1.7
– Added slow speed communication by default as some users were having issues with corrupted images

28 June 2022 – v1.6
– Fixed serial communication issue which could result in some corrupted images

3 June 2022 – v1.5
– Added “Number padding” checkbox to add zeros to the front of the file name, e.g. 000001.bmp
– Remembers the last chosen palette

4 May 2022 – v1.4
– Changed Export to MP4/GIF text to make it more understandable

4 April 2022 – v1.3
– Fixed error message when connecting with Windows 10/11 when the device wasn’t plugged in
– Added CH340/CH341 drivers folder when using this device on a new PC

15 March 2022 – v1.2
– Automatically set the “Image End” as the last image when connecting

13 March 2022 – v1.1
– Added export to GIF option

Questions? Jump on our Discord server where we and other users can help you or contact us via Twitter.

The PCB finish is ENIG.

Additional information

Weight 45 g
Flash carts

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