Gameboy Cart Shield for Arduino (Discontinued)

Looking for a cart reader that doesn’t require an Arduino? Check out GBxCart RW, it’s faster, supports GBA carts and can write to a some GB/GBA flash carts too. There is also GBxCart Mini RW for GB/GBC carts only (lower cost).

An adapter for Gameboy cartridges to read the ROM and read/write to the RAM using an Arduino. Uses the GBCartRead program to communicate with the Arduino. PCB only, kit and pre-assembled options available.

Comes assembled, no soldering required. Each unit is assembled and tested in house.



• Backup your Gameboy/Gameboy Colour games ROM to your PC
• Backup your Gameboy/Gameboy Colour save games to your PC and ability to restore them
(Does not work with Gameboy Advance cartridges)

• Arduino Duemilanove or Uno – 5V versions (will work with other 5V Arduinos but requires custom re-wiring)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

Additional information

Weight 35 g


Includes Eagle schematic/board files, finished product top and bottom pictures and GBCartRead program. View the manual – Gameboy_Cart_Shield_v1.3_Rev3_Manual

v1.3 Rev. 3 (28 May 2016) – Download
– Updated GBCartRead to v1.8 Rev 1

v1.3 Rev. 2 (21 Mar 2016) – Download
– Updated GBCartRead to v1.8

v1.3 Rev. 1 (17 Feb 2015) – Download
– Updated GBCartRead to v1.7 Rev 1

v1.3 Rev. 1 (17 Feb 2015) – Download
– Updated GBCartRead to v1.7 Rev 1

v1.3 (12 Feb 2015) – Download (for GBCartShield v1.3)
– Added power circuit/button to switch power on or off to the Gameboy Cartridge, allows you to easily switch between cartridges without needing to unplug your Arduino (thanks to Frode vdM. for the suggestion)
– Moved SCK wire from pin 12 to pin 13 for SPI
– Updated GBCartRead to v1.7
v1.2 Rev. 3 (14 November 2014) – Download (for GBCartShield v1.2)
– Updated GBCartRead to v1.5
v1.2 Rev. 2 (21 July 2014) – Download
– Updated documentation as GBA Game Cart Slot from DX has changed what it looks like
v1.2 (3 January 2014) – Download
– Updated to included LEDs for WR and RD pins
– Changed pin 13 to pin A3 as some Arduino’s may have issues with pin 13
– Corrected issue with VCC not being connected to the 74HC595D VCC
v1.1 (2 July 2013) – Download
v1.0 (14 March 2013) – Download
– Initial Release

Build your own

For building your own I would recommend v1.2 as it contains less parts – Download v1.2

Parts Required
– 74HC595D SMD SO16 (2)
– GBA Game Cart Slot for NDS Lite SMD (1) – (has been out of stock for a while) or 10pcs from Aliexpress
– Arduino (5V version)
– 8 pin Male headers (2) – (or Arduino 8 Pin .100″ Stackable Header)
– 6 pin Male headers (2) – (or Arduino 6 Pin .100″ Stackable Header)
– Red LED SMD 0805 (2) – comes pre-soldered to PCB
– 10K Resistor SMD 0805 (2) – comes pre-soldered to PCB

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