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[Discontinued] Gameboy Cart Shield for Arduino

Looking for a cart reader that doesn’t require an Arduino? Check out GBxCart RW, it’s faster, supports GBA carts and can write to a some GB/GBA flash carts too. There is also GBxCart Mini RW for GB/GBC carts only (lower cost).

An adapter for Gameboy cartridges to read the ROM and read/write to the RAM using an Arduino. Uses the GBCartRead program to communicate with the Arduino. PCB only, kit and pre-assembled options available.

Comes assembled, no soldering required. Each unit is assembled and tested in house.



• Backup your Gameboy/Gameboy Colour games ROM to your PC
• Backup your Gameboy/Gameboy Colour save games to your PC and ability to restore them
(Does not work with Gameboy Advance cartridges)

• Arduino Duemilanove or Uno – 5V versions (will work with other 5V Arduinos but requires custom re-wiring)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

Additional information

Weight 35 g


Includes Eagle schematic/board files, finished product top and bottom pictures and GBCartRead program. View the manual – Gameboy_Cart_Shield_v1.3_Rev3_Manual

v1.3 Rev. 3 (28 May 2016) – Download
– Updated GBCartRead to v1.8 Rev 1

v1.3 Rev. 2 (21 Mar 2016) – Download
– Updated GBCartRead to v1.8

v1.3 Rev. 1 (17 Feb 2015) – Download
– Updated GBCartRead to v1.7 Rev 1

v1.3 Rev. 1 (17 Feb 2015) – Download
– Updated GBCartRead to v1.7 Rev 1

v1.3 (12 Feb 2015) – Download (for GBCartShield v1.3)
– Added power circuit/button to switch power on or off to the Gameboy Cartridge, allows you to easily switch between cartridges without needing to unplug your Arduino (thanks to Frode vdM. fvdm1992@yahoo.no for the suggestion)
– Moved SCK wire from pin 12 to pin 13 for SPI
– Updated GBCartRead to v1.7
v1.2 Rev. 3 (14 November 2014) – Download (for GBCartShield v1.2)
– Updated GBCartRead to v1.5
v1.2 Rev. 2 (21 July 2014) – Download
– Updated documentation as GBA Game Cart Slot from DX has changed what it looks like
v1.2 (3 January 2014) – Download
– Updated to included LEDs for WR and RD pins
– Changed pin 13 to pin A3 as some Arduino’s may have issues with pin 13
– Corrected issue with VCC not being connected to the 74HC595D VCC
v1.1 (2 July 2013) – Download
v1.0 (14 March 2013) – Download
– Initial Release

Build your own

For building your own I would recommend v1.2 as it contains less parts – Download v1.2

Parts Required
– 74HC595D SMD SO16 (2)
– GBA Game Cart Slot for NDS Lite SMD (1) – http://dx.com/p/repair-parts-replacement-gba-game-cart-slot-for-nds-lite-37787 (has been out of stock for a while) or 10pcs from Aliexpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Repair-part-for-GB-GBC-console-connector-card-slot-32-Pin/32696244189.html
– Arduino (5V version)
– 8 pin Male headers (2) – (or Arduino 8 Pin .100″ Stackable Header)
– 6 pin Male headers (2) – (or Arduino 6 Pin .100″ Stackable Header)
– Red LED SMD 0805 (2) – comes pre-soldered to PCB
– 10K Resistor SMD 0805 (2) – comes pre-soldered to PCB

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