GB 32KB XMAS Flash Cart (PCB only)


A Gameboy 32KB XMAS based flash cart. You can order it as a shared project but it’s quite expensive.

Free PCB as long as you purchase something else, limit one per user, contacts are HASL. No warranty.

Bridge only one of the clock divider pads to control the speed and bridge only one of the clock selection pads (A15/RD/WR/CS/CLK).

Parts list
1x 39SF010A or 39SF020A or 39SF040 (32PLCC package)
2x 74HCT4040M96 or similar (16SOIC package, 3.90mm width)
1x 2N2002K (N mosfet)
2x 100K 0805 resistors
4x 0.1uF 0805 capacitors
12x 10K 0805 resistors (for red leds)
12x 15K 0805 resistors (for green leds)
12x Red 0805 LEDs
12x Green 0805 LEDs

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Additional information

Weight 5 g
Product understanding

I understand this is for the PCB only and must purchase something else


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