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[Discontinued] GBA Cartridge Slot FFC Extender

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Just a simple board which allows you to extend your GBA’s cartridge slot to another PCB by using a 32 pin FFC. You could have it work with Gameboy games if you apply some glue to the GBA cart to trigger GB mode.

You will receive both PCBs but need to provide and solder all the parts yourself, not recommended for beginners.

You can order from PCBway or OSHPark

Parts required

  • 2x 32 pin FFC bottom mount
  • 32 pin FFC same side cable (there are 5cm, 10cm, 20cm cables available)
  • GBA repo cart shell
  • Optional 0.1uF 0805 capacitors
  • Optional 15-22pF 0805 capacitors

Depending on the length of the extension cable you might need the 15-22pF cap on RD (pin 4) and ground on the other side. You may have to apply another capacitor to the other pins too (CS and WR).

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