GBA-M LCD Adapter (Use a GBM LCD in your GBA)

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Have you ever wanted the Game Boy Micro experience but haven’t been able to pick one up? Or just want to bring some life back to your old GBAs with a low cost backlit LCD? If so, this is the product for you!

Updated version now comes as a flex PCB.

You will need to pick up a GBM LCD replacement screen for about $8 (pre-2020 price) from Ebay/Aliexpress and you’re ready to go.

Be sure to check the the installation guide on the left tab. You can also install this on a GBA SP, check out makho’s video on doing that!

Package contents:
– LCD Adapter board
– Flat flex cable

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In the video above I just put some tape over the LCD to cover up the sides. Perhaps a custom screen lens that could minimise the viewing area could work well.

Known issues:

  • When powering off/on within a few seconds, the screen will briefly show the previous picture before power off.
  • If you touch the metal back on the back, you may see some parts of the screen start to flicker

Additional information

Weight 6 g

32 pin, 40 pin


1. Remove the existing LCD.

2. Remove the material from the GBM LCD. (Not required for the flex PCB version)

3. Using the include flat flex cable, connect one end to the adapter board (pins up). Next connect the GBM LCD (which you purchased separately) ribbon and back light cable.

To insert the cables, you gently slide the notches out, insert the cable and slide the notches in to secure the cable.

4. Insert the other end of the flat flex cable (pins up) to the GBA.

5. Place the GBA back into the bottom shell so you can test that the LCD is working and adjust VCOM. Insert your AA battery or LiPo battery and power on the system. Using a screw driver turn the potentiometer until the picture looks good to you.

(If you wish to increase the back light brightness you can lower the resistor on the board near the back light connector – 3K is the default, try something like 500 ohms to 1K – you can just add it on top of the existing one if you wish)

6. Now that it’s all working you have 2 options as by default the screen may pop-out, lifting the screen protector. You can either file down the battery compartment or apply a strong glue to the screen protector. (Not required for the flex PCB version)

Also now is the chance to see if you wish to cover up some of the screen so only the LCD is shown.

7.  Align the LCD as shown to the top of the GBA shell.

8. Hold down the adapter board while you place the GBA board in place and screw it down.

9. Give the flat flex cable a little bend and then place the GBA bottom shell back on carefully, screw it down and you’re done!


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