Original DS Wireless RX Flex Board

$28.00 USD

As an extension to the Wireless Gameboy/GBA Controller project, this original DS flex allows you to control your original DS wirelessly and is simple to install! The flex PCB is delicate so please be gently and careful when handling and soldering. Installation steps below.

Restocks every 1-2 weeks

You will need a transmitter to get started if you don’t have one already. You can have multiple receivers per transmitter and you can use the same receiver for different wireless controllers. You can continue to play the handheld as normal too if you wish. Only works with our transmitters (GB, GBA or DS).

Questions? Jump on our Discord server where we and other users can help you or contact us via Twitter.

3 ready to build (5-10 days build time) (can be backordered)



We recommend to pre-tin all pads as shown.

Lay the flex board over the PCB and align it. You can use tape or blu-tack to hold it in place. Apply some solder to tack the flex pad to the PCB pad.

You should now plug in the bottom screen plus the 2 small ribbon cables and power up the DS to confirm the installation was successful. If you power up your GB/GBA/DS transmitter cart and press buttons, you will see the LEDs on the flex board light up.

It’s up to you if you wish to leave the LEDs as they are, cut the trace shown by the arrow or cut the flex board to remove them as indicated by the white line.

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Weight 5 g


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