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[Discontinued] RGB LED Strip

A simple RGB LED strip which can light up an acrylic cut out on the edge to give a neat effect. You can choose any colour by adjusting the red, green, blue LEDs brightness and choose different animations if you like using the buttons.

The maximum length of the acrylic should be 195mm. You will need your own acrylic sheet (Elecrow offers an acrylic cutting service) and a way to secure the sheet to the board, there are screw holes on both sides. There is a known issue where the LEDs will quickly flash when the system is powered on.

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To access the options, hold down the bottom button for 2 seconds and release. Once in the options, press the bottom button to move to the next option and the top button to change the setting. To exit the options, cycle through all the options.

To set a random colour for an animation, set the red, green and blue LED colours to all be off.

Setting 1 – Red LED is on
Change the red brightness on the custom colour

Setting 2 – Green LED is on
Change the green brightness on the custom colour

Setting 3 – Blue LED is on
Change the blue brightness on the custom colour

Setting 4 – White LEDs are on
Change the animation between:
1 white LED on = No animation
2 white LEDs on = Animates left to right
3 white LEDs on = Animates centre to sides
4 white LEDs on = Animates even LEDs and then odd LEDs

Setting 5 – 1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Blue LED is on
Change the random animation maximum brightness (there is a minimum level of 4)

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