The Little Tales Of Alexandria

$33.00 USD

The Little Tales Of Alexandria is a retro short story driven exploration game for Gameboy and Analogue pocket. Staging inside the apartment block Alexandria, featuring 15 plus different apartments all with their own tale to tell. Made by MrE.

Talk to the tenants, and interact with almost ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in and out of there homes, including cats!

One quest. Explore, interact and have fun! :3

Can you get to the roof?

Moving in to a apartment block can be hard at first, best you meet your new neighbours and get to know them. But how much do you really want to know?

15 plus apartments
Interactable world
Interesting and unique characters
Over 1700 Words of dialogue
Super Gameboy support
Easter eggs
3 Big hidden secrets (to find)

Product contents
– High quality insideGadgets flash cart (with save ability)
– High quality DMG grey cart shell with a cart label
– Game protector case

2 ready to build (5-10 days build time)



Interact with objects and items!

When you walk up too objects a Question mark or Exclamation mark appears, telling you what you want to know!

Save at Meow stations (Also called cats) throughout the game!

Visit each of your neighbours! See what there up too and get to know them!

Up, down, left and right for directional walking!
A, for confirm.
B, for back.
Start, for umm… Start the game! 😀

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Weight 33 g


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