The Little Tales Of Sapphire Hotel

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The Hotel is now open! Explore every room interacting with all whom stays. Unveil the mystery of who stole the cat’s-eye Sapphire. In this unique story driven blue world!. Made by MrE.

Welcome to sapphire hotel. The stand alone sequel to Alexandra With redefined interactivity, and massively improved graphics.

Immersive environments
Refined interactivity system
Interesting and unique characters
More then 3 times the content of Alexandria
Over 2800 worlds of dialogue
Unique humour
A breathing world
Even more Cats than ever before!
Easter eggs
Lots of secrets to find!

Product contents
– High quality insideGadgets flash cart (with save ability)
– High quality GBC blue cart shell with a cart label
– Game protector case

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Explore and interact!
With a redefined system over the first game. Interacting with objects and scenes is even more enjoyable.

Art style
Stylised with multiple variance of blue to bring out the feel of the hotel.

The Hotel
Visit this blue hotel with its many floors and visitors. You might even find something hidden!

The cats run the hotel! Having been past down of generations of meows, the cats know what they’re doing. Don’t forget to save at Meow Stations! To keep your progress!

Movement and Controls
Up, down, left and right for directional walking!
A, for confirm.
B, for back.
Start, for enter

Additional information

Weight 33 g

Blue, Yellow


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