Gameboy 32KB to 4MB Custom Flash Cart (25+pcs)


Are you looking for a Gameboy flash cart with your own branding/logo with the ROM/RAM size you need? We’ve got just the service for you! We’ve assembled 5000+ carts with this service.

*** Not actually out of stock *** – You need to contact us at or on our Discord server to learn more or start the order process. 

We offer some ready to go flash cart options, this is for the PCB only (no cartridge shell). As an example for 50 to 500 pcs:

  • 32KB ROM $8.5 each
  • 256KB ROM $9 each (with 32KB FRAM option add $3)
  • 512KB ROM $10 each (with 32KB FRAM option add $3)
  • 2MB ROM $13 each (with 32KB FRAM option add $4)
  • 4MB ROM $18 each (with 32KB FRAM option add $4)

(for 25pcs, add $1 more each)

Please note that the 256KB and 512KB carts are programmed via the audio pin and thus the flash chip can’t be re-written using a Gameboy (e.g if you wanted to do high score saving without using save memory). The logic chips are emulating MBC5 which works with games created using GB Studio.

As part of the service, we can write a ROM or save file to the flash cart, you can provide the ROM to us at a later date if required. We can also help with distribution should you require that option for a small fee plus the shipping price.

Each board is individually tested by reading the ROM and comparing against the original, performing a write/read test on the FRAM and booting the game on a GBC for a few seconds.

PCB Specs
The PCB is 0.8mm thickness, ENIG surface finish. The PCB will fit in a genuine Gameboy cartridge shell and most after market shells too.

You can choose from the following colours:
– Green
– Red
– Blue
– Yellow
– Black
– Purple
– White (add $30)
– Pink (add $20)

Artwork / Logo
We require the artwork before or at the time of your order and will provide a render of the PCB to show you how it might look like. We can place artwork on the front or back of the PCB. Generally the artwork should be kept simple as the silk screen process results can vary a bit, the silk screen can be white or black (we’ll have to confirm if the PCB fab can do black on request). We can also put the artwork as exposed metal if you would like a different look.

We can do a test PCB to see how the artwork comes out however that would add another few weeks to the turn around or you can order it from JLCPCB directly to test it for yourself.

If you wish to play around with the artwork to see how it might look yourself, you can use EasyEDA to import a image, change the dimensions and placement. Here is a blank Gameboy flash cart board which you can open with EasyEDA before importing the image.

Time frame / Turnaround
The usual turnaround from full payment to order completion is approximately 5-6 weeks, the steps are:
– 1 week for the PCB fab to manufacturer the PCB
– 1 week for delivery to us
– 1 week build time (100-200 pcs a week depending on work load)
– 1-2 weeks just in case something unexpected happens, short on stock, PCB fab holidays, etc.
– 1 week delivery using DHL

If you order more than 100pcs, we can either ship the full order all at once or continue to send 100-200pcs a week to you.

You can choose shipping options as AusPost tracked (3-5 weeks) or DHL Express (4-7 working days). You may have to pay taxes/duties on the package.

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Additional information

Weight 2000 g


ROM/RAM option

32KB ROM, 256KB ROM, 256KB ROM with 32KB FRAM, 512KB ROM, 512KB ROM with 32KB FRAM, 2MB ROM, 2MB ROM with 32KB FRAM, 4MB ROM, 4MB ROM with 32KB FRAM


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