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Gameboy USB Keyboard Adapter

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This device allows you to use a USB keyboard on a Gameboy. Won’t work on a DMG as the link port is a different size.

We have a USB Keyboard demo with source available along with the CH559 source if you wish to add additional keyboard characters or functionality. In order to reprogram the CH559 device you need a USB-A to USB-A cable or adapter.

This will not work with existing games unless you add support yourself. You could potentially add other USB device like a mouse.

Adds about 60mA extra load on the GB plus your USB keyboard might put another 30mA load.

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Re-programming the CH559 device
Hold down the button and plug in the device into your PC. You can simply run the “compile.bat” and it will compile the source and upload it to the device. The device will then disconnect from USB.

uart.c sendHidPollMSG function is where most of the interesting things happen. You may need a serial USB adapter (TX/GND pins on the board) so you can see what the CH559 device is sending to the AVR which goes to the GB.

By default, it seems that USB keyboards send the same character over and over again until you let go and then it sends a 0. We added some code to the sendHidPollMSG function to only send the button pressed.

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