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GBA RTC Cart Based RGB LED Clock

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This is an LED clock that uses a GBA cart’s RTC as the clock source.
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  • Clock displayed as 24 hr or AM/PM
  • Game title displayed when cart is inserted (can be disabled in options)
  • RGB colour selected depending on the cart or override the colour from the options
  • Brightness adjustment using the buttons (when in non-custom colour mode)
  • Ability to set RTC hour, date, time
  • Ability to set a time when the clock turns off and turns back on, useful if you don’t want it on at night. E.g turns off at 11:30pm and back on at 8:00am
  • Simple animation when no cart is inserted
  • Insert a GBA flash cart with a specific format and have your text displayed on the screen moving right to left repeatedly with a colour you specify on the cart. Drag and drop a text file to this Text ROM Generator program.

There is a known issue where the LEDs will quickly flash when the system is powered on. Take care to not tighten the acrylic sheet down too much on the LEDs as it could potentially damage them (if you purchased the acrylic sheet).

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To access the options, hold down the bottom button for 2 seconds and release.

Once in the options, press the bottom button to move to the next option and the top button to change the setting.

To exit the options, hold the bottom button for 2 seconds.

Choose where you will have the default colour or a custom colour you can set

Change the red brightness on the custom colour

Change the green brightness on the custom colour

Change the blue brightness on the custom colour

Display the cartridge name when inserting it

Display the time in 24 hours

If not in 24 hour time, display a little dot on the bottom right to indicate PM

For Pokemon GBA RTC cartridges, there is an RTC offset in the save file and if it’s not zero which is usually the case, you will need to enable the offset so the time displayed is correct

Allows you to set the RTC time. Press the top button to change the value and the bottom button to proceed minutes and then hours.

If enabled, the clock will turn off at a certain time and turn back on at another time. You will see a little red dot on the top left when this occurs.

The hour the clock will turn off

The minute the clock will turn off

The hour the clock will turn on

The minute the clock will turn on

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Front acrylic sheet (2mm)

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