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GBxMAS RW is a Christmas inspired GBxCart variation which was a suggestion by a few of our users. Functionality is exactly the same as GBxCart except you have 28 LEDs! Comes with 4 idle states that change every ~2 minutes and an LED animation when reading or writing to carts – check out the video below. Based on GBxCart v1.3.

Please take some caution when handling the product as the edges are sharp.

The ATmega169 controls the LEDs and the source will be available so you could easily make your own idle LED animations! You would just require a low cost programmer and a few parts if you intend to do so – USBasp6 Pin To 10Pin Adapter and DC3-6P connector (or just use male pin headers).

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Additional information

Weight 35 g
Dimensions 10.8 × 10.2 × .85 cm
Optional Cable

None, 20cm USB-A to USB-C cable (Black)


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