GBxMAS RW is a Christmas inspired GBxCart variation which was a suggestion by a few of our users. Functionality is exactly the same as GBxCart except you have 28 LEDs! Comes with 4 idle states that change every ~2 minutes and an LED animation when reading or writing to carts – check out the video below.

Please take some caution when handling the product as the edges are sharp. Unfortunately the USB-C connector is a bit too far away from the edge so the USB-C cable connector plastic will need to be cut. You can pick up one of our $2 USB-A to USB-C cables if you like.

The ATmega169 controls the LEDs and the source will be available so you could easily make your own idle LED animations! You would just require a low cost programmer and a few parts if you intend to do so – USBasp6 Pin To 10Pin Adapter and DC3-6P connector (or just use male pin headers).

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Firmware Downloads

Additional information

Weight 35 g
Dimensions 10.8 × 10.2 × .85 cm

I will supply my own, Red & Green as per the picture

Optional Cable

None, 20cm USB-A to USB-C cable (Black)


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