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Orange FM

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Orange FM is a cartridge for Game Boy that allows you to listen to FM radio stations through your Game Boy’s speakers (on certain models, see compatibility chart). It features an internal antenna for strong signals, as well as support for external antennas connected to the cart’s audio jack. In addition to mono audio output through the console, the cart delivers stereo audio through the cart’s audio jack to connected headphones or speakers.

A portion of your payment goes to orangeglo, the product creator. Learn more about Orange FM. Designed in the USA, assembled in Australia.


  • World Band 64-108Mhz FM Radio
  • Uses the Game Boy’s Speaker (See compatibility chart)
  • Stereo Headphone Amp
  • Store and Recall 12 Presets
  • RDS Radio Text Support
  • Internal and External Antenna Support
  • Digital Volume Adjustment
  • Many Configurable Options, See Manual

Please scroll down to see the compatibility list.

The DIY option requires you to supply your own parts, apart from the MCU which comes pre-soldered and flashed with the required firmware. The radio chip is a QFN so a hot plate or hot air is required. The DIY option will require you to write the ROM file once you install the flash chip, so make sure you have a flasher like our GBxCart Flasher.

See the DIY assembly guide here.
Please do not purchase the DIY version unless you are confident in your ability to solder these parts.

A sticker label is included (not holographic).
Looking for cart shells? Check our GBC high quality cart shell listings. You can use a DMG shell as well, but trimming the shell to fit is more difficult. Trimming/Filing is required for the cart shell due to the audio/antenna jack.

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Mono Audio Output Through Console Speaker Stereo Audio Through On-Cart Headphone Amp
Original Game Boy (DMG) Yes* Yes
Game Boy Pocket (MGB) Yes* Yes
Game Boy Light (MGL) Yes* Yes
Game Boy Color (CGB) Yes** Yes
Game Boy Advance (AGB) No Yes
Game Boy Advance SP (AGS) No Yes
Super Game Boy Yes (Through TV) Yes
Game Boy Player No Yes
Analogue Pocket No*** Yes
FunnyPlaying GBC No Yes

* Quiet volume
** Loud volume
*** A future firmware update from Analogue may add speaker output


Internal antenna: The internal antenna will be used if nothing is plugged into the cart’s audio jack. The internal antenna is fairly weak, but can pick up strong signals from local stations.

External antenna: Using an external antenna is recommended for the best reception. The ideal antenna is a meter long cord – a pair of headphones works great, as does a standard 3.5mm aux cable. You can also build your own antennas – see the diy guide. If you’re looking for a telescopic antenna, these small Aliexpress antennas work fairly well – option 1 or option 2.

Please keep in mind that a game boy cartridge is a less than ideal format for a FM radio – reception strength is not comparable to a car stereo, or dedicated FM radios.

Additional information

Weight 35 g

DIY with MCU (no shell), DIY with MCU (with 3D printed shell), Fully assembled (no shell), Fully assembled (with 3D printed shell)


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