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[Pre-order] Game Boy Pocket Color (half assembled)

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This product allows you to put the components of a Game Boy Color (GBC) into a Game Boy Pocket case. Read more over at the MGBC GitHub project. A portion of your payment goes to Bucket Mouse, the product creator. Assembled in Australia.

The MGBC features are:

  • A Game Boy Pocket aesthetic, using the original Game Boy Pocket shell and interfaces (link port, volume wheel, power switch, etc.), but with the capability of playing both Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.
  • A nice, large IPS screen – the GBC Q5 XL IPS Backlight with OSD kit – with brightness and color palette control via the “navigation switch” housed where the contrast wheel used to be. (I will refer to the PCB attached to the Q5 screen as the “Q5 board”)
  • A modernized, efficient switch mode power supply that can run off 2x AAA batteries or input from the DC jack, just like the original MGB. Testing shows that playing with NiMH AAA batteries can yield about 3.5 hours of gameplay at normal settings.
  • Louder, cleaner sound through a modern audio amplifier.
  • The option for tactile switches for the face buttons – like the GBA SP.
  • No major externally viewable case modifications, to keep the OEM look and feel, outside of the screen, as much as possible.

This listing is for the small SMD pre-assembled version as per the picture. We take on the tedious task of placing 79 SMD components for you.

The parts you will still be required to source and install yourself are: GBC CPU (Not Rev E), GBC RAM, GBC Crystal, power switch, link port, volume wheel, cart slot, battery connector, DC jack, headphone jack, led and power regulator. The MGBC project is not recommended for beginners. You can reach out to verified modders such as Cody and Jack in the GB Discord server if you would like someone to complete the installation of the other parts.

We also sell the power regulator required for this board.

PCB Colours: Green with white silkscreen (Green top/White bottom as pictured), Blue with white silkscreen (Blue top/White bottom), Black

This is a pre-order, expected to ship in around 2 weeks

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Green with white silkscreen, Purple, Blue with white silkscreen, Black, White, Red


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