Pocket Mouse Power Board

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This is a power regulator board for the Bucket Mouse Game Boy Pocket Color (MGBC) project. This should work perfectly fine on a regular Game Boy Color or Pocket, but it hasn’t been exhaustively tested. Recommended to be used with NiMH rechargeable batteries. Read more over at the PMPB GitHub project. A portion of your payment goes to Bucket Mouse, the product creator. Assembled in Australia.

Some features of this power board include:

  • Changing the power switch to a “soft power switch,” meaning the main power of the Game Boy does not flow through the switch. A dirty power switch can severly impact performance, so using this scheme can remedy that issue.
  • Generally improved efficiency over the OEM regulator, and increased switching frequency.
  • Bootloop protection circuitry to prevent overdischarge of batteries, and to allow the Game Boy to die gracefully instead of violently stuttering until the regulator gives up.

Includes the 3 and 4 pin headers (unsoldered).

Red/White/Transparent – expected in 1-2 weeks
Pink – expected in 3-4 weeks

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Note: This board only supplies the 5V power rail – no LCD voltage are generated. This board is only a proper replacement if you have modded your system with a modern IPS kit.

Using with a Game Boy Color or Game Boy Pocket

If you wish to use this on an original Game Boy system, you must:

  • Remove U5 from the Game Boy circuit board (the DC/DC converter board) and replace it with this one. Make sure you have a header pin populated for pin 2 on the socket!
  • On the main Game Boy PCB, add a wire from pin 2 of the U5 socket to the node labelled SW1-VCC. This node connects to the power switch and F1, so you can choose either points. Note that Game Boy Pockets do not have pin 2 available, so you must run a wire directly from the Pocket Mouse Power Board’s pin 2 instead.
  • If you are soldering a wire to the fuse directly, MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE THE CORRECT SIDE. It must be the side that’s directly connected to the power switch. A multimeter will not tell you which side of the fuse is which if you have the fuse on the board.

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