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Gameboy 2MB, 32KB FRAM MBC3 with RTC Flash Cart (Works with Pokemon games/hacks like CC)

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This re-programmable 2MB flash cartridge is MBC3 with RTC which works with Pokemon games such as Gold, Silver, Crystal and hacks such as CC and Prism.

Restocked every 1-2 weeks or so. Please note, if you order more than 5+ in one shipment, only 4 will have batteries due to shipping limitations.

Need to flash a game on this cart? Make sure to grab our GBxCart Flasher.

Comes in a clear reproduction GB cart shell. Looking for other colour cart shells? Check our DMG or GBC high quality cart shell listings.

If you would like a MBC3 cart with a flasher built into it so you can write a new game, backup/restore your save then the MBC3 RTC LinkNLoad will do the trick.

We highly recommend you purchase a flasher so you can backup your save and re-flash the cartridge with newer updates of games. Re-flashable with GBxCart RW. Uses FRAM so no battery is required to retain the save, the battery is only needed for the RTC. Designed and made in Australia.

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The new carts will fit the following shells – DMG, GBC, Crystal (Japan/USA) and Kirby check the pictures. It will fit the Boxy Pixel cart shell.

This cart works on every Gameboy system – GB, MGB, GBC, GBA, GBA SP and the Game Boy Player. It also works on the N64 transfer pak for Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2.

ROM: 2MB Flash
FRAM: 32KB (Data retention of 20-50 years)
MBC: MBC3 original chip

The power consumption of MBC3 when powered from the battery appears to depend on the chip markings which is either around 2.3uA or 5uA so a CR2025 should last at least 2-3 years and a CR2032 should last at least 4-5 years. We don’t recommend using a CR2032 battery as the holder is only designed for a CR2025 battery. Only the RTC is powered by the battery so the save is retained if the battery runs dry.

The PCB finish is ENIG.

Additional information

Weight 41 g
Flash size / PCB colour

2MB (Blue), 2MB (Purple), 2MB (Sakura Pink), 2MB (Black), 2MB (Green), 4MB (Blue), 4MB (Pink)

Flash carts

Gameboy carts, Low power, MBC3 support, RTC support, Saving supported

Archive 4MB information

Archive 4MB information

The 4MB blue cart (v1.2 PCB or below) will only fit in original DMG style or GBC style cart shells (GBC style requires 2 small cuts), won’t fit in Japan Crystal shells.

v1.2 PCB allows for Rumble (supply your own motor, requires game patching to use, check example) and 2x 2MB ROM Mode which allows you to switch between 2 ROMs such as Gold/Silver to share the same save file (shell cutting/trimming is required to fit the switch, the shell won’t close unless you trim the top part of the shell but be sure not to cut the little notch).

How to use the rumble motor
You need to write the byte 0x20 to 0x4000-0x5FFF. Usually games write 0x08 but that would conflict with the RTC so you need to patch games to use 0x20 instead. For Pokemon Pinball we have an example patch to apply but it doesn’t appear to activate the rumble strong enough – you could lower the resistor if need be.

How to use 2x 2MB ROM Mode
Check the picture as you need to bridge jumper pads with solder and un-bridge another jumper pad. You’ll also need a special program to flash both ROMs to the cart: 2x 2MB ROM Mode Flasher v1.2.

4 reviews for Gameboy 2MB, 32KB FRAM MBC3 with RTC Flash Cart (Works with Pokemon games/hacks like CC)

  1. Katie D. (verified owner)

    Best boards out there. High quality and flash well. I love them!

  2. Naxster (verified owner)

    Using these carts for Pokemon G/S/C and they work great!

  3. Sin.A (verified owner)

    Used it for Crystal Clear, and it works perfectly, as far as I can tell. A bit spendy, but the quality of the board is worth it, in my opinion. The only thing that docked it a star is that insidegadgets seems to use pretty cheap shells, the kind that the plastic surrounding a screw will crumble to pieces if you try to unscrew it to clean out the cartridge or replace the battery. If you get this, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with the board itself, but you may want to shop around for a less fragile shell.

  4. Hyunhee J. (verified owner)

    It’s a very good product.
    It’s perfect.

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