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[Discontinued] GBA Wireless RX with LiPo Charger (Play your GBA wirelessly)

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As an extension to the Wireless Gameboy/GBA Controller project, we now offer a GBA receiver which allows you to control your GBA wirelessly after you hook up all the keys to the board. You will need a board and transmitter as a minimum to get started. You can continue to play the GBA as normal too if you wish.

We recommend purchasing the smaller, more simple version here

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This is a DIY part which requires a fair bit of work. and it draws about 15mA. You’ll need to make some modifications to your GBA firstly by adding a wire to each button, some cutting to the case and you will need to solder your LiPo battery leads to the board. Check out the installation instructions for further details.

Can work on the GBC, GBA SP, etc, you would just need to figure out the wiring of the buttons yourself and find a 3.3V voltage source on the board.

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You will need a board and receiver as a minimum to get started. You can re-using your existing transmitter if you already have one.

You can have multiple receivers per transmitter and you can use the same receiver for different wireless controllers. Any receivers/transmitters you purchase will be paired together. If you are unsure about your use case, please send us a quick email to support@insidegadgets.com.

Transmitters available

To prevent double listing of transmitters, you should purchase them from their listings:

Please note that there is no encryption or security available for these devices, while this should pose no issue for home users, it would be possible for an attacker to potentially take over your controls or block your control.

Disclaimer: We shall not be held liable to and shall not accept any liability, obligation or responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage that may occur by using this product directly or indirectly.

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1. Take apart your GBA and connect some wires to all the points shown in the image. TP0, TP1, TP2, TP3, TP4, TP5, TP6, TP7, TP8, TP9.

2. Wire up the points to the board as shown in the list below and remove the GBA battery terminals.

TP0 = A
TP1 = B
TP2 = SL (Select)
TP3 = ST (Start)
TP4 = R (Right)
TP5 = L (Left)
TP6 = U (Up)
TP7 = D (Down)
TP8 = R (near A on board) – Right trigger
TP9 = L (near A on board) – Left trigger

GBA battery terminal positive (+) = GBA BAT +
GBA battery terminal negative (-) = GBA BAT –
CP3 capacitor positive (+) = 3.3VIN

3. Remove the battery terminals and cut most of the battery holder out.

4. Install the main board and test fit the battery and GBA RX board. We recommend using some material between the GBA RX board and the battery like double sided foam tape. Close the shell with the battery cover and you’re done.


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