Wireless RX Flex

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Similar to the Wireless RX, this receiver which allows you to control your handheld wirelessly after you hook up all the keys to the board. You will need transmitter as a minimum to get started. You can continue to play the handheld as normal too if you wish. Measures 27.5 x 15.5 x 1.05mm.

Only works with our transmitters.
Want a simpler install on the DS, DS Lite or GBA SP? We have flex boards available.

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This is a DIY part which requires a fair bit of work and it draws about 15mA. Could work on the GBC, GBA SP, Micro, etc, you just need to confirm the buttons on the device are common ground, at 3.3v when not being pressed and you just need to figure out the wiring of the buttons yourself and find a 3.3V voltage source on the board.

4 ready to build (5-10 days build time)



You will need a board and receiver as a minimum to get started. You can re-using your existing transmitter if you already have one.

You can have multiple receivers per transmitter and you can use the same receiver for different wireless controllers. Any receivers/transmitters you purchase will be paired together.

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